At the Christmas Party Hop!

My crew girls, love them! I think we make such a jolly happy group. Wednesday night we all got together at my place for our first annual event: gift swap and gingerbread house decorating. Yes first and I’m already calling it an annual thing because we (from left: Kathy, Kristin, Katie, Tracy, Lauren, Sciarrino, and Karen) had so much fun we vowed to do it again next year.

Steps to a great Christmas themed party:
1) Bulk candy, mass amounts of graham crackers and home made industrial strength frosting.
2) Add and extra leaf in the middle of the table and gather round.
3) Cheap cider made "fancy" by cinnamon sticks and cloves.
4) A twenty dollar limit and two swaps per gift.
5) A toasty fireplace.
6) Good conversation.
7) And the "Dick in a Box" skit saved on the TiVo (oh my god is this side splittingly funny or what?!?!!) *that’s the uncensored version – not for the little kiddies!


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