Bows, Ribbons, and Other Gifts

I am in such a better place today than I’ve been in a few days. This is in large part because we found a church (our Christmas miracle) and something else called: "letting go" As of two days ago not a single present was under the tree.

Look at it now! I decided if I wasn’t going to go for my normal over the top gifts then I’d wrap well, really well:

Normally my gifts include months of planning, searching, sweat, tears, and a dozen eBay transactions, but this year it’s store bought baby. I did "put things together" as is my way, but I still have this whole loss of control feeling. It’s okay because next year I’m married! Our own Christmas! In our own house! No travel! Ahh can’t wait. So back to that wedding planning for a minuet. See those twirly sticks on the presents? The goldish colored ones are what I’m collecting to decorate with at the ceremony and reception. I want to do something like this on the pews:

It’s quite handy to have one’s own church pew to demonstrate things on. These things are from Kmart’s Christmas center and I’ve scoured three stores to come up with about thirty bunches. I figure I need at least fifty, but I have Katie looking in Corvallis and Angela is checking out the Albany store. Sciarrino’s going to check the Kmarts around her holiday destinations, and Bj and might be able to hit a few stores on our drive up to the tri-cities today. Ceara is even getting some for us in Vermont, which we’ll pick up on our trip out there in February. I hope with all that I’ll get enough. I would have my lovely readers look for me, but I’m afraid that these wouldn’t pack well, plus it’s hard to describe the color, they are not the bright gold ones, but almost brown/gold. And yes I usually like silver things, but this will go better in the spaces we are using. Oh, but if you are near a kmart you should get some for yourself, I mean how sweet do they look on gifts!

And the church. The church is First Baptist, but because they only have an interim pastor we are able to bring in our own if we like, and I’m really hoping my childhood pastor will be able to officiate. Here are some pictures:

That little thing will be moved for steps. We are only having about 20 guests at the actual ceremony (hence the decorations on the benches) and they will all be able to sit on the front pews I think. Love the details of this place:

Lots of amazing stained glass, the huge organ, art deco exit signs, and my favorite:

The girls getting ready room. I’m going to have a hair and makeup person come to the hotel (we just reserved a suite to get ready in, so exciting!), but we can change and touch up  here. Check out that sick ill mirror. It’s from the old bridal department and Meier and Frank. It’s awesome!

Next up: travel up north. I’ll be in the tri-cites then back here for Christmas festivities. The week after that it’s all about relaxing!

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  1. I can tell you are in such a better place! It’s good to let go of what you cannot control and enjoy the rest! Love the church & bridal room! Fun Fun Fun!

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