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So I dropped the kiddos off earlier today, then I took a nice long shower. I never know when to shower when I’m baby-sitting. I’m always so paranoid the kids will get into major trouble. Yesterday I kept them over at my house until after dinner. Hogan was a bit jealous that Karsen got to come over everyday and wanted to play with my super cool things:

Like this typewriter I have on loan from my dad’s office. I have been in love with this honkin’ humming beauty for like 20 years now. I need to get a sharpie and write on the back "when no longer needed Amber gets dibs" To keep them occupied while I cooked my "weird" (according to Hogan) soup I made up a big bowl of oobleck:

Hogan dove right in. Sissy only wanted to play for a few minuets before she looked up at me and said,  "messy, yucky, clean peas, PLEASE!" I "cleaned" her pants by turning them inside out, ha, fooled you! Actually this is messy and not messy at the same time. See it does get everywhere, but the thing is if you just wait to clean it up, the water evaporates and then you’re just cleaning up cornstarch again. I really recommend this project as it is dirt cheap, totally easy and kept the above mentioned five year old content for almost two hours. This morning the kids woke me up so early I was actually startled. Karsen then had a fit when I got her dress. Apparently putting tights on her is the equivalent of dipping her in boiling water. But all was worth it, because she was just too cute today:

Ribbon on a stick, it’s a hit! So are my vintage alphabet blocks:

I tried to get her to hold out the k block to and do little photo shoot thing, but dumping and putting back in the little wire basket was much more her style. After nap time I attempted to get a still sleepy Karsen into that baby bonnet:

Then I pulled the binky out of her mouth. Let’s hope Violet has a better reaction to handknits. So I’m off of kid duty for a while. Tonight is a little mini Christmas celebration at my dad’s since my sister will soon be leaving to spend the next couple of weeks with her dad’s family in North Carolina. Then I’ll be doing some sewing for my save the date cards! I’m also going to be putting that typewriter to good use.

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