Here’s a good chance for you to see how I will dress my future children, as I chose Violet’s outfit yesterday (and she freaked when I changed her into it, Violet darling, no pain no gain). My mom and I went up to Portland yesterday and dropped me off at Michele’s. After lunch (and rice crispy treats, yum!) we went to Oblation where I am having my RSVP cards printed (I wish I could have my whole invite printed here, but it is spend). Sciarrino designed these awesome simple cards that I can not wait to get back (and I’ll get them back soon, I had to put a rush on the order). I brought in my own printmaking paper, since I’m a snob since I had some sitting around. When we got there and saw the type and presses, oh my gosh I just wanted to run over and play with one, I miss printmaking!!!

Then my mom and I went to Barefoot Sage for a little relaxation action. Ahhh so nice. We ran a couple more errands, hit up bolt (craft room curtains coming soon!), and checked out another possible chuch. I didn’t like it, so I’m thinking of maybe just going with first pres. downtown. We’ll see.

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  1. Hey, you should wear that outfit! Either that or I will! And remember:
    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris? …All of it.

  2. Oblations! yay. I love that place, but I know Katie does amazing work too! Can’t wait to see. I’ve been shopping around to find a dress for the wedding, I’m thinking about coming down to PDX or SEA to find something. Maybe we can meet up for Lunchie-poo if i do! Keep in touch!

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