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I wish I could go back to this weekend and just lay around like this some more, but I really think my "lay around time" is going to have to wait until after the wedding, which is um, exactly two months away (but less really when you think about how short February is). Throw in the bridal showers (is it wrong to be so excited about all the gifts?), trips up to Portland (seriously getting to an insane amount), and work and man am I a busy girl. A lucky girl, but a busy one. I had the care of my little sister for five days. Two of those her BBF came over to hang out with us as well. I moved all my furniture in the living room and set up a prime Veronica Mars watching station, complete with in door campfire activities such as marshmallow roasting (toasting?). I am so the coolest big sister ever. Oh, but not for all that wonderful stuff, for schlepping Emilie back and forth to her poor invalid boyfriend (OH MY GOD he must get better by SWEETHEART!!!). Seriously these 15 year olds could not have been cuter or nicer. I really think if you take time to see what teenagers are interested in and really listen to them they are not the animals society makes them out to be. Maybe I’m too close in age (eleven years removed) or maybe it’s because they’re not mine. But I actually like teenagers.

I also like new friends, and Bj and I had some over this weekend. We invited down a friend of his from work and her boyfriend (hi Courtney and Jim!). I only met them the first time at the company party (which I do have a picture of this year, instead of a drawing, but I need to get it from Bj). Not only does Courtney read my blog, which obviously makes her first rate, but they like to play games! And they brought some! We even got my sister in on a nice round of Scattagories. We stayed up way too late to make it to Sue’s crop on time, but we did drop in for a bit. I got more paper (because I so need more paper, right?). And Sue said something about me not scrapbooking anymore. And it’s weird because I think about scrapbooking, and I use some of my supplies, but I guess it has been a while, and I got this pang of guilt. But my plate is so full right now, I mean I have like 16 unwatched Baby Stories on my TiVo right now, and I don’t think that’s ever happened before!

Other than that it’s all wedding stuff. We have the reception place, Dj, band, photographer (oh ya, we need to have engagement shots taken, don’t know if that’s going to happen), dress (it’s a surprise!), wedding bands picked out (but not bought) and… no church. I have a clear line on one, it’s so spendy, but there aren’t a lot of options. The list of stuff I still need to do or get is huge: chandeliers/ other lighting schemes, pick out trees, knit Violet’s dress, table settings, flowers/florist, shoes, which then have to be dyed, invitations, cake, dessert bar, mini champagne, calligrapher, stamps, gifts (bj, my girls, parents, etc), magically loose 10 pounds with out working out or sweating or stopping eating the candy. And can some one tell my why there isn’t "Amber green" as a general choice on various wedding related things, like table linens? Sage is so last century people.

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  1. man, i’m tired just reading what all you have to do in these next two months…but, it will be worth it and exciting and fun!
    gifts are totally the most exciting part of a bridal shower.
    so no, it’s not wrong at all to be excited!

  2. It’s all about the fun stuff! Enjoy those gifts… you’ll really appreciate them when you look at your Mom’s tired old things! If you can’t find that perfect green right now…. keep looking… It’s gotta be out there! It’s such a hot color!

  3. The days are getting closer and I CANNOT wait until we are together all the time! Plus we can invite even more friends over, don’t get me wrong, Courtney and Jim are always welcomed. 🙂 Amber forgot to mention that she did an AWESOME job of entertaining while I worked away on a fab meal. 😛
    Love ya!
    PS: I love gifts!!!

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