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I added captions and locations to the 2007 dailies, per your request. Kept the picture titles numbers though, because it’s easier, and dare I say, cooler.

Loved the comments on the last post. Hehehehe.

Updated my blogs I’m addicted to list over there, to reflect what I really keep up on (or try to at least).

Contemplating buying this audiobook version of Pride and Prejudice, has anyone by chance heard this version through to the end? I’d hate to buy it and not like the way the narrator does the character voices, the preview is only a clip of literature about Jane Austen. And I’ve watched the BBC version at least 20 times, so that’s the style of characters I like (new movie version = yuck).

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  1. Okay, pardon the random comment, by me-who has never before posted a comment on your blog, which BTW I read daily. I was directed here from the IRW website, as I’m an instructor and they were all so happy you had gotten engaged. I’m now hooked on reading.
    Anyway-back to the random comment…I just started knitting and I love those basket-type thigns you seem to have your knitting in. Like this one and I know I saw a green one a while ago with your jars in it. Can you tell me where you got them? Pretty please?

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