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Ladies, gentlemen. I am desperately looking for these shoes in white (so I can dye them like this):

They are Manolo Blahniks, I don’t think they are made any more and I can’t find them any where. I wear a size 38, and ideas? I found a pair of regular sling backs that are cool, and I’m going to another designer’s trunk show Saturday. But before I pick up anything else I want to make absolutely sure I can’t find these. I cut this out from a wedding mag years ago.

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  1. I was thinking ebay also…one thing my boyfriend has found shopping on ebay is that sometimes people misspell brands, especially ones that are hard to spell. So you could try ebay spelling manolo blahnik different ways. The good thing about this is also that lots of people miss the sales since they don’t pop up in their searches.

  2. I noticed in your last post you mentioned you still don’t have a church. Have you tried The Old Church on SW 11th? It wouldn’t be too far from your reception and it is beautiful inside and out.

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