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Dude! Wedding planning can be a bitch! No seriously, what is with all these things coming up? I can’t even believe I managed to get a newsletter out last night, it’s a miracle. So I spent all of Friday and Saturday working on wedding stuff. Friday my mom and I went up to Portland so I could go to meetings (florist, church, coordinator, etc). Those went pretty well. I wasn’t too keen on the florist, so I’ve lined up more meetings. I would rather get a crapload of candles than pay a fortune for so so flowers. The best news is that WE GOT A CHURCH!! I guess god does love us after all (ha, I always knew he did, just being a bit dramatic). We are going with first Presbyterian. Soooo expensive, which is a huge bummer, considering we only have 30 people coming in total, so we could have gone with a smaller church. But the coolest part for me is being married in a Presbyterian church since I was raised in one. They will not allow my childhood pastor to ordain the ceremony, but I love the pastor we are having, and to top it off, it’s a woman, how cool is that? She said some couples choose not to marry there if she is the pastor on rotation because of that, what the??!?! Talk about backwards. Anyway she grew up here in Salem, and Bj and I really felt connected to her, which was important.

After all the meetings we went to Oblation as it was closing to pick up the RSVP cards. And as I was looking at them I realized the designed had been centered on the page, instead of justified to the bottom, so we had to come back on Saturday. I was coming back anyway to go to a bunch of other appointments, so we just left earlier. And we brought Sciarrino who designed them and has been such a great support helping me with so much. Luckily it was agreed that it was their mistake and I just got a call that they have already been reprinted. I had to get more of the custom paper I bought so they are going to reimburse me for that. I won’t sing all their praises until I pick them up, but I’m very pleased they took responsibility for the mistake. Oh and they must have thought the design was as kick ass as I think it is because they used the plate to print notecards for themselves (we noticed them on their desks when we were looking at the file).  You’ll see why when I scan one in. Sciarrino and I are very different as artists, but we are both really detail orientated which is why I love her style.

Now on to those shoes, those lovely, gorgeous, impossible to find shoes. I’m not giving up on finding them, so if you see a pair let me know! But I did order a different pair of sling-backs because I’m getting too nervous time wise. I have to have them dyed after all. I wanted a pair of Manolo Blahniks in that Carolyne style that Alison mentioned. Actually when I went to Saks they randomly had a pair someone had returned in my size, even though they don’t sell the shoe there. The shoes looked like they had been worn all night and were really dinged up, but I was willing to roll with it since I am going to dye them, if I could get the right price. They’re like 425 dollars regularly, and they would only give me a 15% discount, which is so lame because seriously anyone who could afford that would buy them new. And like who are they going to sell them to? I could go on and on, but I did get cute ones from the bridal boutique were I got my dress. I also saw Sciarrino’s bridesmaid dress on her, and she was smokin! Don’t forget male readers that she is single! I’m sure that status is not going to last once she’s in the dress. I am being a pretty nice bride if I do say so myself (hello puffy sleeves?).

We also got my wedding day robe (it’s so cute, check out my picture of the day yesterday), my wedding night outfit (what do you call it mom?) – ohh la la, and green underwear to wear under my dress, of course! We sampled more cake (um, not finding good cake, so hopefully Thursday’s appointment will be the winner), got a honeymoon dress, and met another stamp guy. I’m going to go back to him after I get some of the combinations together, but I can’t go Thursdays or Fridays because hes "out in the field" LOL!!! Who knew there was a stamp "field"? I suppose he means auctions, estate sales and such, but still funny. Anyway he was really nice and ran out to the car as we were leaving to give me the commemorative duck stamp calender for this year, so if anyone needs one…

Sunday my mom came to help me work. She’s been so awesome people. Before she left she cooked up an awesome soup so I’d have something healthy to eat. Nothing like trying on undergarments to get you back into healthy eating mode, right? I have a bunch of work to cram in before I leave for Vermont, so don’t expect a lot of crafting. Oh, ya, I’m going to Vermont. Bj and I are going to see Ceara (my maid matron of honor) and her husband. Before that I have no less than six more wedding related appointments in Portland, as well as a meeting with my mom’s friend who is hopefully going to do our calligraphy for us. She said if she liked her style she would do it as a wedding gift. Is that not the sweetest thing? We think it’s so cool she has an amazing skill that she can give. My mom and I are now contemplating calligraphy lessons of our own. In anticipation of this I’ve typed out the guest list and proper titles and addresses. Not that quick of a task. And it’s involved tracking a few people down.

I divvied up the list and set everyone on hunts. My mom came back with some sad news. An all time favorite family of ours growing up was our neighbors three houses up on our old block. The house was a sweet mom, cool dad, and super rad daughters. Their youngest was our babysitter and has always been my inspiration when I’m with children. She the fun one who listened to us, played with us, ran around with us, and did everything, unlike the babysitter that got play-dough thrown at her head because she wouldn’t get off the phone with her boyfriend. Danielle introduced us to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (which I then introduced to my favorite duo, Nick and Lacey). When my parent’s went out of town she saved our little stipend and let us each spend a little bit at Toys R Us, of course the whole fun was just going there. The whole family was great, and were always my best Girl Scout Cookie customers. We moved away, Danielle became a nurse, and other sisters married. One of her sisters has an adorable family including a little girl named Claire who this summer was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I spent last night reading all of the blog they started for her, and she just seems to have the most amazing spirit. Her grandma (who my mom talked to when she was getting Danielle’s address – see I can relate this story back) has barely been home since it happened. The whole family has rallied around her. They may not be able to come to the wedding because of this, but will be in my thoughts and prayers every night. It sure brings me back down to earth about silly little wedding things. I’m going to try hard to just breath and remember that life is precious, and more wonderful than not.

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  1. I would be on the printers’ case about printing notecards with Sciarrino’s design…….that’s copyright infringement! She should get royalties or some kind of payment.
    Hope you find some shoes you like……

  2. I wouldn’t say wedding planning is a bitch… Let’s save that for people who really deserve it! It is an awful lot of work, but so much fun! And it’s really exciting to see it all come together. The shopping for wedding shoes, handbags, and peignoir (I had to look hard for that spelling) was so much fun. Life is precious and I’m so thankful to be spending all this wonderful time with you! Love Mom

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure you’d feel a little let down if the planning was a breeze. The best things in life come with a fight. March 31st around 8ish when you’re settled in your reception with the man of your dreams by your side and everyone you love smiling around youโ€”imagine the pride that will come over you. Makes me smile just thinking about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Much love!

  4. Ok, a few things…1)I am super excited to see you at the end of this week! 2) I agree with Dale Anne, total copywrite infringement!!! HELLO!! That is total stealing! 3) I prefer to be called the maid of honor–calling me maitron just makes me sound old and crotchety; which I am neither of those! I’m only 25 people! 4) Your mom IS really great for helping you out…wish i could do the same ๐Ÿ™ 5) I can’t wait for you to come out here…wait, did I already mention that? ๐Ÿ™‚ My thoughts and prayers are with your friends.

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