Crafty Little Sister

So every Tuesday during the school year I picked Emilie up from school and we had a good old time watching Veronica Mars and being crafty. This summer we thought we would continue with Tuesday, only she’s been coming over to help me with some Ribbon Jar work. But we still manage to find time to be crafty. Yesterday we resurrected an old favorite easy craft project of mine: tacks! Here’s Emilie’s mess:

The key to this project is the cheapest, most flat topped brass tacks you can find and E600. Smelly, but perfectly clear and strong.

Oh and I loved all the comments on the laundry. He did go back and fold them after I posted that, and it was funny to watch him pick up one of my skirts, "you’re clothes are so small!" He doesn’t know it but that made my day!

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  1. Grant always says, “I don’t know how you fit into those things” when he talks about my clothes 🙂

  2. I don’t get the tacks thing…what are they and how do they work ?? I’m new to the whole crafting world, so bear with me. I bought a “Learn How To Knit” book about a year ago. It’s still in my closet. Any tips ?? I giggle a little everytime I read your blog and you’ve used the word “minutes” – love that you always spell it “minuets”. =)

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