Helpful? Doubtful.

So… I’m upstairs cooking in the kitchen (with my vintage apron on – how 1950s housewife of me) and my dear husband decides to help me out. I hear the dryer going, and four hours ago before I went to the grocery store and the bank I told him he could switch the laundry, none of my shrinkable things were in the washing machine. So like I said I heard the dryer. I went down to put another load in (the laundry is my job after all – we divide and conquer the housework). And this is what I see.
Please note the nice folded clothes in the basket. Those were sitting right under the dryer. I thought that clearly meant: "fold me and put me in the basket just like this" But he had other ideas. I would be pissed if I wasn’t laughing so hard. Boys, sigh.

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  1. As far as he’s concerned, he DID fold them. I’ve learned after almost 19 years of marriage that men’s idea of this kind of thing in NO WAY jives with women’s idea of it. They just have different conceptions of how things are done.

  2. yeah- this is a bit tricky at first. you just have to show him enough times that he will soonish start to take the clothes out of the dryer and actually shake them so that they won’t have to be ironed.

  3. (Long time reader, first time commenter! Haha)
    I sympathize, believe me. I live with 3 guys and they don’t even have enough common sense to make sure my clothes are dry before they pull them out of the dryer…and throw them on the floor.

  4. No…better is when you ask your husband to help with the laundry and you come home to find (no lie) 6 laundry baskets full of freshly washed, very wrinkled, unfolded clothes! Folding clothes for an hour and a half at a time is not my idea of fun. I believe we wore them out of the baskets that time.

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