The Blue Spray Paint Edition


And I generally do not like nasty and gold things. Plus when we took it down to pack it up we realized the whole thing needed to be re-wired to avoid catching fire. I finally decided to tackle this because of the whole craft room renovation. Yesterday morning I thought this was going to be a quick paint the lamp shade project. It turned out to be a paint the whole thing and talk the husband into electrical work project:

I almost didn’t paint the rest of the thing white, how horrendous would that have been leaving it gold/cream faux painted? Ugh. Well it all worked out good.

Daytime/Nighttime view. I asked Bj after we put it up if it was too funky or if it was cool. "I think it’s pretty cool." Okay, me too, but it’s almost too funky, no problem we’ll just balance it out with other funky things. Painted the same color (I think it’s Bahama Sea or something like that).

The clock I

Once you do these little things and you realize how little time they take you start to feel guilty about not doing the other tiny projects, like recovering another little stool thing:

The fabric had previously just been bunched around it real quickly. So I didn’t even know that the seat is removable and has storage underneath. And I have left over state fabric to boot! The cool thing about that is that Salem is a state capital so it’s actually on the fabric, cool! Well since I had the staple gun out:

This chair was on Bj’s side of the bed, but he did not like it for a nightstand, so I swung it around and brought in the lamp that was in the craft room. We have next to no room on either sides of our bed so it’s a bit tricky in there. I think this will work for now though. I did all of this in addition to making sure an old guy doesn’t wet himself. Go me!

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  1. I said it before, but I really mean it… “You are Amazing!” All the things you tackle and actually finish. BJ should be very proud. I love the lamp, it suits the room and putting those zippers in the pants… definitely not something I would have done. Good Job!

  2. in hindsight I love the clock—not that I didn’t before, but I wasn’t very alert last night. 😉
    your outdoor chairs are going to rock—looking forward to seeing those come to fruition.

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