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For my birthday Bj got me a flickr pro account. I’ve had a regular account for a while, but had not gone beyond adding a few images to my favorites. Today I decided to take the plunge and put in the little code and sign up. I did it because while visiting Shell’s photo stream I saw that she had taken pictures of her stash for Ravelry. Turns out you have to host the pictures somewhere other than Ravelry. Now I don’t have my invite yet (6,393 ahead of me at last check), but I’ve been dreaming of the stash organizational feature. Plus going to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival tomorrow I thought I should get a real handle on my yarn/fiber situation. This meant dragging it all out of storage and up to the deck to take pictures. This also meant that Bj gets to see my whole stash all together, yikes! And he’s still letting me go to O.F.F.F., yeah! So they are all uploaded to my flickr page now, a yarn stash set and a fiber stash set, check them out! Here are some of my favorites.

Now this is bad: I have been wanting some of this for a while, and forgot I HAD SOME ALREADY. I got it right before the wedding thinking I was going to edge

All the Noro’s look great. When I first started stashing yarn away I thought I would knit it all up immediately after purchase so I wound a lot of it into center pulls before I had an idea of what I was going to do with it. I would not suggest this and many of the tags slipped out from their centers.

Ah Manos I love you! Okay so I have a lot of yarn, yes I do. I think next time I take pictures I’ll do it inside with controlled lighting, as I did all of these on manual, and for some reason my meter tends to read low, so I had to correct almost all of these, not sure what I’m doing wrong there.

Yes, I’m headed out to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival tomorrow (Saturday) I think mid-morning, early afternoon. I don’t have a buddy to go with as my neighbor had a family emergency, so I will be alone with my camera and credit card. If you see me please say hello! I really, really, really want to meet some new knitting/crafting buddies.

*edited to add: I can’t stop! I uploaded all my Alaskan Highway pictures too, check them out here.

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