Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

Today I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. I totally stocked up on Fiber (huge shock I know). I updated my Flickr with all of it so check it out if you like. My favorite:
I’m really interested to see how it spins up. That’s a pound of fiber for $17, whoo hoo!

I also got to see lots of fiber producing animals, including a camel! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. Maybe? But I never remember petting one, and they are surprisingly soft:

Cute, huh? Then I caught this sheep in a crazy kind of yawn. LOL!
(it’s faded in the front from the bar on the pen). So now I’m off to spin, spin, spin.

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  1. Easily the scariest looking animal of all times. He looks like some kind of combination of surprised and pissed. That’s the stuff of nightmares.
    Oh, and your new fiber looks good enough to eat. Looking forward to seeing it all spun up.

  2. Your new fiber looks so soft and pretty! Can’t wait to see what you make
    And that sheep!? LOL LOL LOL!!! I’m dying over here! The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival…When Sheep Attack!

  3. That sheep looks possessed! Question – for those of us unfamiliar with roving, spinning, and all those other technical yarn terms that you use – could you post a link to or write up a very brief “fibers for dummies” so we can understand the process, like how it gets from possessed sheep to cute little scarf? Am I the only one who doesn’t get all this?? hope not.

  4. yay! I’m glad you went and had fun!
    thanks again for the invite…sorry I couldn’t join you!
    that camel is cute.
    and the sheep?! he looks like he’s saying something to you.
    FUNNY sheep!

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