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This is what I did All. Weekend. Long. And I roped Bj into Ribbon Jar stuff. The jars rock if you ask me, I’m just about to release them here. But also we (Bj) revamped the ideas page, and added a much asked for gallery of past jars. The only problem is that now people want to order the sold out jars. I added a little note on the page saying they were sold out, but I’m still getting emails about it. Hmm what to do. Anyway check it out and let me know what you think. My goal is to get a lot more ideas on the ideas page, I’ve kinda let that slide.

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  1. Keep them wanting. Wait until next month and do a few special pre-general-release date jars for people who missed out last time. Then they’ll still wait but they’ll be on the ‘special’ list and feel a bit better about it.

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