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I’ve mostly been working Ribbon Jar, but I did sneak up to Seattle with Bj for a few nights. Carmen was in town for work so I couldn’t pass up the chance to see her "down south" hehehe. Anyway just wanted to catch you up on my projects:

It’s just the way it is framed up before the concrete is poured that I like, using narrow and more porous wood. And  I like that it’s painted  red. Our little porch is now and I think we want to stick with that. I also check out Paper Source (lord help me that store is fantastic but over priced), and Hill Top Yarns (oh I guess Hill Top Yarns east on eigth). Yummy! I got the softest lace weight stuff ever made I think. And a bunch of other stuff I really needed. Right. Well I might be working on stuff for Etsy to utilize all the crafty goodness I have going on in the studio.  We’ll see my plate is just a touch full. 🙂 Speaking of the studio:

I found them, I found them! Well I should say I have them, I have them, but actually  a friend of mine, Maia found them for me. She got them for her spices and thought they were they same. Turns out they are – exactly! I thought I was ordering the right thing the first time, but those didn’t actually have see through lids (don’t they look like they do?) but these from Specialty Bottle do and they stick to magnets! Since I just guessed on how many I’d need I"m three short from a perfect pattern of them on my wall, boo hoo. But still I’m very excited. They actually came last week but I had to wait for my super strong, be careful they might kill you magnets from Forcefield (on eBay). I forget how I stumbled across these guys, but they are crazy into magnets. They use them for power and everything. So if you need strong magnets go there, but be warned I got a bigger size than last time because they were out of the tiny ones. And at just 1/2 inch by 1/8 inch they are almost too strong for me to get apart when they get stuck to each other.  I don’t know if you could glue them to anything either, because I’m betting the magnet would stay on the fridge or whatever, and the thing you glued to it would be pulled off. They are that crazy strong.

Meanwhile I still search for the fan….

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, but I’ve never posted. But, I just had to post about the magnets. My little boy is magnet crazy, so my husband ordered a super strong magnet from the web (don’t know which site). Well, the magnet arrived and hubby wanted to test it’s power, so he stuck it to the fridge (brand neew). AND…. couldn’t get it off. He finally pried it off (it broke in two pieces during the struggle) and it scratched my new fridge. We all learned a very valuable lesson about the power of magnets. I promply threw the magnet in the trash before it erased our computer or cell phone memory.
    I enjoy your blog – keep up the good posts.

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