Cemetery Quick Stop

Emilie and I stopped at the old pioneer cemetery on our way to mail packages today. Just a quick 15 minuets to shoot. I’m teaching her some basics, she did great. Later we edited them in Lightroom, which I am liking more and more. I still use photoshop when needed, or wanted, but for basic editing/photo organization it rocks. Anyway some shots:

That’s looking back up into the modern cemetery, the two are sandwiched next to each other. I have a bunch of relatives in there. Weird to think about really. And some of Emilie’s shots:

I edited that one, and she played around with the software to create this:

I think I’m going to make up some basic lessons for her for our Tuesday’s in the new year.

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  1. gorgeous shots!! your sis is so pretty, you are right! 🙂

  2. Awesome pictures! You are amazing!

  3. I just stumbled onto your blog, your photo’s are amazing. I’m going to link yours on mine for my whore gang to see 😉

  4. Very nice! Lessons please. . .

  5. awesome pictures!

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