Christmas Crafting – Crunch time

Oh my goodness look how close it’s getting to Christmas:

Card garland getting very full, lots of Christmas love from everyone, happy, happy! Last night was my grandma’s "famous" (in our circles) Christmas party. Grandma has a tiny little house but she always hosts this thing and dozens and dozens of people come. I told Tex about it and since I think she’s secretly doing a field study on my family (we are a very interesting lot to watch I’m sure), she agreed to pop in with Martin. Too fun:

I gave him a haircut yesterday while he was joking with me and making me giggle, I’m surprised he has any hair left, dork. I was all, "dude, I have clippers in my hand are you insane?" The host of the hour:

My grandma with my mom and aunt Dyann, aren’t they cute together. And tiny, we’re all pretty short, it’s like a special club. Seeing Bj give my grandma a hug is so so funny and cute, he’s about a foot and a half taller than her!  More Christmas cheer, this time from across the pond:

Kay sent me Christmas goodies, yeah! But boo because I should have opened the packet before I left for the party. The scarf she sent me (did you make it Kay?)  would have gone perfectly with my dress. I guess it’s going to have to make another appearance this season Beeg. Lots of fun little bits to play with, thank you so much Kay! The quilter’s pins I need to go use right now as I still have major crafting to do. I keep saying that and it keeps being true. But I’ve taken the nessesery steps to ensure I can continue at crazy Amber pace; a balanced breakfast (Juanita’s, jalopeno artichoke dip, beef jerky, golden oreos, Newman’s Own pink lemonade, and Diet Coke), Christmas music (well okay Timbaland’s Apologize on repeat), and a little bit of my family’s favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation:

Todd: "Well something obviously had to break the window, something had to hit the stereo."

Margo: "And why is the carpet all wet Todd?"

Todd: "I don’t know Margo!"

LOLOLOLOL That last line might be one of my favorite ever! (oh I found it on YouTube here) That reminds me, remember last year when a Todd lookalike came over to fix my Mac? Good times.   

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