The Pence Family

Last night was a little get together for my dad’s side of the family at my aunt and uncles, low key, dinner and games. The thing is we get serious with our games:

I love that picture. Here we’re playing electronic catchphrase (boys versus girls). So the guys try to get the other guys to say what is on the screen, and the gals do the same thing, thus the alternate seating. My family is very loud and if you want to be heard at all you best keep up with the shouting.

(My second cousin "Reno") So yes, we’re crazy. But I love it. And I love that we yell at games and laugh at each other, and tell stories. Now it is Christmas Eve and I really am going to go finish all those gifts, swear!

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  1. Hey Amber, I can’t believe I didn’t put it together until now, but my SIL’s maiden name was Pence. Any extended family in Missouri?

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