It’s Snowing

Okay it’s not really snowing, but that is the theme for this month’s limited edition jar:
I decided to make up 50 jars, instead of my normal run of 20, because I got so many complaints about how hard they were to get. I hope this makes things easier. I’m just about to release them right here. Also head’s up, I have a fully stocked sale section. Yum, yum.

3 Replies to “It’s Snowing”

  1. 1030 and only 33 left… not bad! 🙂 True it’s not snowing in Salem, but travel 7hours East on 84 and experience the wonderland that these jars personify. Get some rest!!

  2. Oooh! Yummy!

  3. Every month last year I’d watch your ribbon jars come out and I was really holding back because I knew I would only collect lovely jars on my shelf, but now I’ve found a use for the beautiful ribbons, so I’m so glad to hear you’re making more this year.
    Expect to see your ribbons pop up in my etsy shop this year.

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