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Our internet was all over the map yesterday, but mostly off. Turns out we needed a new wire from the main wire/cable thing. I don’t really understand it but he monstrosity of a tree that is across the street was ruining our cable. Side note: this tree across the street is so insanity. It is super old and super big and takes up my neighbor’s whole yard. It’s messed up the sidewalk and every storm the whole block holds its breath. The city says, we have no proof it’s doing anything to anyone, so the tree stays (I don’t know how it is everywhere else, but here you can’t just cut down trees for no reason, at least not big old ones). I love trees, but this has to be one of the ugliest ever and I feel really bad for my neighbors because their house is going to take a big hit someday. Anyway. So the lack of internet/down time of USPS click and ship made getting out all my packages a freaking nightmare. So that’s all done now and on to the fun happenings.

V came to visit us this weekend, with her lovely parents of course. I took them to the Gilbert House and the Salem Riverfront Carousal. She is almost ready to join in on the fun. Right now though, she’s mostly observing:

I can almost hear her brain working, "what is Bj doing, hmm…." It’s so so so cute. I’m going to have to make her more cute things to wear for her cuteness, so so cute. Too cute? I think not. I’ve gotten a few more patterns from eBay and I put them up on my flickr page. I also got a few more Foster Art books for my collection and some old knitting books:

I’m going to frame a bunch of the foster books, I have one pinned to

And some really weird ones:

I mean I see how it would be nice and cozy, but to me it looks like a creepy baby bank robbing outfit.  Speaking of knitting I have been doing some of that as well:

that was blocking, this is seaming:

Looking at me sewing in my ends as I go, do I get a gold star? In other exciting news I got my typewriter back from the repair guy:

It’s an old Remington and when my husband went to pick it up the repair guy told him to tell his wife that I have a valuable typewriter. He had never seen this color before so he looked it up and sent Bj home with a printout of this webpage. Sweet! I finally found out how old it is (c.1928) and that it’s worth more than the $30 or so I paid for it years ago. The only thing is that mine has a slight dent in the back. Remember when I lived in the loft bedroom in Corvallis? My roommates were always telling me I shouldn’t stick thing on the ledge. I didn’t really listen. I always had papers up there and things, but nothing major.  Then one day I stuck this thing on the ledge. Stupid, stupid. It fell literally minuets after Bj walked underneath it, it’s so heavy it could have seriously hurt him. Luckily it only hurt itself, and now it’s all straighted out. I think I need to reintroduce it to my scrapbook pages. I am signed up for the Big Picture Scrapbooking class,  A Library of Memories. Is anyone else out there taking the class? I am super excited, just got a yummy welcome packet in the mail today.

So that’s the wrap up, hope you are all doing fabulous!

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  1. LOL at the baby bank robbing outfit! That’s exactly what it looks like! 🙂
    Your miters look awesome…
    and I love the green yarn in your dailies (01.13.08)

  2. Have you ever heard of The Work Basket? I found a ton of old issues at an auction in Junction City last summer, and some of them are duplicates. If you’d like the duplicates, they’re yours, I’d love to share them. Just send me an email and let me know!

  3. I’d love to know the name of the repair place you took your typewriter to. I have an old Remington as well, and I’d like to get some ribbons for it. I’m in Albany, OR (you might remember me from your wonderful swap you did about a year ago….still the best swap I ever participated in!)

  4. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the old video game Bomberman or not, but that baby bank robber set is spot on Bomberman. Seriously, check it out, you might get a good laugh.
    And V looks so confused in that picture and it is so super cute.

  5. Hi Amber, I’m guessing maybe you’re still having internet problems as I’ve sent you a couple of e-mails in the last few days 🙂
    I’m chasing your address again (think my partner must’ve deleted the e-mail with your address in it 🙁 )
    Hope you’re back on line soon
    take care

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