The Quilt as Art

I had to return my library books today, and among them was a huge anthology of Gee’s Bend Quilts. Since the book is no longer in print I thought I would scan in some of my favorites and give you a little inspiration for whatever crafty thing you are doing today. I recommend learning more about them, as these quilts were made by truly amazing women under extraordinary circumstances.

Also from old clothes. If this looks familiar it was one of the quilts choosen for the Gee’s Bend Quilt stamps the post office put out last year (I used them for my save the date cards).

Being so isolated they came up with really interesting takes on traditional patterns, like the log cabin.

So many quilts have a great patina because the fabric was all used before as a garment.

Maybe my favorite?

If you look closely (or click on it for a bigger version) you’ll see the quilter cut apart those printed panel patterns that have directions and everything on the fabric, and used every piece, genius!

Even when they had only a tiny bit of brightly colored fabric, they used it just right.

Hope that gives you some great inspiration for today. I know that many designers site Gee’s Bend as their inspiration for modern sewing/crafting, now you can too!

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  1. Wow I had not heard of the Gee’s Bend quilters before, thank you. I have just spent the last hour Googling them, really interesting. I want to know more

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