The day after the day after Christmas Bj decided to be very pro-active about our returns (we so sucked when it came to getting each other gifts this year, but that’s another story), and went on a late night "get something better back" spree. This adventure took him to Borders, and unlike me who would have just got myself a bunch of stuff from my wish list, he actually called me to see what I would like. He said, "hey they are having a sale on DVDs and I’m looking at Speed, what do you think?" What did I think?!?! Get it man! I have very fond memories of Speed. Ah Keanu, how I loved thee. And he is so so hot in this movie:

It was the first rated R movie I ever saw. I really didn’t have any desire to see one, just like I had no desire to drink before I was 21, because I’m such a goody two shoes, oh wait, or maybe just a big wimp, either way…. I watched the movie four times before I actually saw the very first part (and even tonight I watched it with my head covered in a quilt in Bj’s lap). I believe I joined in somewhere around, "Jesus. Bob, what button did you push?" Brent (my YOUNGER brother) finally convinced me not to be scared. I hadn’t seen the movie in a while but boy did I have fun tonight, it was like an old friend. I wore that VHS out, my old dog Edward got a hold of the case for it and bit right into Keanu’s head. I was so pissed I walked up and down the stairs (where the destruction took place) picking up tiny bits of paper and taping the thing back together. Hahahaha. Now all I need to do is rent A Walk in the Clouds, no wait, Point Break, LOL. Don’t worry that obsession died with my adolesense, I’ve never even seen all the Matrix movies.

Well enough about that. I worked on this all the while:

Could you just eat that? It actually made me crave peeps it was so pretty so I had to dig out my Peeps Christmas Trees and down a pack (I was all over healthy eating today wasn’t I?). Sciarrino your Christmas yarn is hanging in my shower drying so come over tonight and get it!

I also have to give a shout out to my mom for coming over to help me with inventory today. Counting ribbon is not as fun as you may have been lead to believe. I also really needed the sandwich and pickle you bought over (as you can see from the above food statements). Love you mom!

Oh and while getting on IMDB to hook up to all those movies I came across this. Click on that link Tracy, that’s the Complete Jane Austen on PBS, hot damn! We have some serious knitting time coming up in front of the telly I think!

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  1. How good is your husband? My friends & I used to watch it and rewind basically any part with Keanu looking extra good. I was way bummed out with Speed 2, since I had not seen any previews and expected Keanu (sigh).

  2. Sigh! Keanu has come a long way since Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! LOL, that’s a classic, too! But he is oober hot in this flick!! Yumm!

  3. damn, i missed persuasion last night! thanks for mentioning it because i havent seen them all yet. and how can you not like Keanu, esp in Speed? but have you seen The Lake House? LOVE that one.

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