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So last night Bj and I bit the bullet and ordered ourselves real furniture for the living room. Right now we have a pink sofa and big comfy chair that has been passed down through my family. I don’t really mind it, but for some one as tall as Bj it’s not the most comfortable thing. So instead of paying the money to have them recovered we set out to find a new set. We settled on an Ethan Allen style called Hastings. I hesitate putting a link up there, because ours is going to look totally different. This one looks way to foofy, and I’m glad I got Bj to sit in it to try it out because once he did we were sold. Oh here is the fabric:

Anyway enough about that, and how we can barely even look at our current living room, because we still have to wait a few months so on to more instant gratification.

I have a new chair in the craft room (from Ikea)! Of course this necessitated a whole room re-arrangement as there isn’t much space to spare in there. I got rid of a few things and shifted things around.

There are still a few major projects I want to do in here, namely a bench seat under the big windows. I’m working on finding a cabinet style that I feel really can look like it was built into our house, rather than a lame add on. And you all know how picky I am, so it’s taken months, and still nothing perfect (or perfect and in budget). Here is what that area looks like now:

Way too cluttery for me (and this my friends is really really clean for me. Usually there is crap everywhere).

The wall opposite the little ladies desk.

And the wall you see from the street. I think I want to get a piece of wood cut to put under that dresser. It was missing when I bought it. Then I want to stain it to match and attach it by velcro to cover the storage boxes I have stashed under there. I also need to get the closet door on, that would help a bit.  Anyway all I want to do right now is work on projects in here. But to create this idyllic looking set up I had to toss a bunch of stuff into the living room (old mags, garbage, recycling, the packaging from the chair, old organizational stuff, etc), and I need to clean up that first.  Still, this is progress!! Sciarrino you need to come sit in this chair and hang out with me!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing, and inspiring me! You have a unique style that keeps me checking back on what you’re up to!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new furniture! Love the one chair already… and the room… well who knew you had so much stuff!

  3. …word of advice – if you guys plan on kids anytime during the life of your new sofa – white fabric may not have been a great choice – so hard to keep clean once little people start using it ! Love the style – you’re so unique !!

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