weight loss by scrapbooking? I wish.

So it’s been just over a month that I’ve been rocking the low calorie diet. And worked out a whole one time. I know, I know, but I just hate it. I do want to go on more walks. Tracy are you reading this? Come on neighbor lets get our butts in gear! It’s nice out there! Anyway I’ve still managed to loose 4.8 pounds, woo hoo!! That’s about a pound a week. So I’m over 1/4 there and I feel much better. I do think cutting out the diet coke (tear, tear) has helped. Although I’m getting to my danger zone: that time of the month when you feel bloated and all you want is comfort food. I did cave a little this morning and had my first Frozen Coke coupled with chicken tenders and a small fry at 715 calories it was my biggest meal since my diet started. But I’m keeping track and committed to continue to work hard. I just had to bitch a little 🙂 Oh wait one more thing about that. I’m thinking about adding a fish oil capsule to my daily vitamin intake, has anyone tried this? It’s supposed to be all kinds of good for you and since I get absolutely none of those kind of nutrients in my meal (seafood, ewwwwwww) I figured it couldn’t hurt.

More fun stuff. Last night I had the idyllic kind of evening I’ve been wanting to have since we got married. Bj sat on my new comfy chair and worked on his laptop while I scrapbooked and we watched Martian Child (so excellent, LOVED IT!). I did this:

V outgrew her little jumper (miss super tall 19 month old), so I cut the tag out and stitched it on here. I also cut apart that big teacher’s aid I got last summer (Sciarrino wasn’t this thing only like a dollar?).  I started cutting it up because I was getting together a good batch of stuff for the woman who was sweet enough to send me that paper I was freaking out about (I haven’t forgotten about you Judi!).  I used more paper from the coco daisy kit, oh and the cool tag. Ribbon from Ribbon Jar, and some of my ledger paper. Happy, happy!

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  1. Congrats on your 5 pounds gone (doesn’t that sound better?) LOL.
    I too take fish oil, and from what I’ve read, it is important to find pharacuetical (did I spell that right?) grade fish oil to make sure it doesn’t contain mercury. It is more expensive, but mercury is a very bad thing.

  2. I could see the energy increase when you answered your door. 5 pounds makes me jealous—think i could do it before Europe?!
    The Violet tag is my favorite. I dare say the letter style could become a font!

  3. Way to go! I knew you could do it! Every lb counts. I’ve heard fish oil capsules are good to take, also, but heard they smell…beware! I’ve been thinking of taking them too, even though I eat fish–not as often as I know I should. Violet is so cute!

  4. congrats on 5lbs…every pound counts!
    fish oil is suppose to be good to help lower your cholesterol…that’s all I know about it though. 🙂
    CUTE page. Love that you included the Violet name tag – the perfect little touch!

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