This will lead to sewing… eventually

Yesterday I got some great goodies from Brenda, who is way over in Australia!

On Tuesday I made Emilie go into the comic book store with me, and you know what the guy was so sweet to us. I really recommend going to your local shop and getting these inexpensive acid free bags (ment for comics obviously) if you have a lot of patterns. If you ever cut them and they don’t stuff back in the envelope right, or if they are falling apart these are ace. A pack of 100 was like 4.99, and the cardboard boxes (very sturdy and nice) were about three I think. I made the tabs from extra chip board and dymo labels (of course!). Yes I really need to stop organizing and get to sewing. To that end my mom and I got the rest of the fabric we needed for a quilt class we are taking March first. So excited for that. I did do a quick craft (with ribbon):

An old charm bracelet of mine, just tied it together as a necklace with some yummy double faced satin (I used this color and size). I saw this in Blueprint once (RIP). I also think that button necklace that Brenda sent would look good with this sweater, since it would sort of bend it would be all about texture. Oh and I’m getting a haircut today so ignore that do. Other happenings:

Been meaning to get this done for um, over a year. My mom had her kitchen re-done and her and Bill gave me the extra pieces of soapstone from the counter tops.

It will look a little more finished once I finally get the quarter round on the rest of the molding and can oil the stone (that’s how you care for it and it keeps it dark and rich). I was going to have just three big pieces but we didn’t have enough, however I think this ended up being a great solution, and the stone was free so you’re not going to get any complaints from me.

p.s. I’ve lost 2.5 pounds, and my jeans fit looser (looser meaning I can wear them for more than like an hour), whoo hoo!!

p.p.s. Qwest, arghkhlkjsoaidguoaiehlksjgdlkajsd@%!$@%$&@$

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss, love the soapstone, and looking forward to see what you make first from your new stash of patterns!

  2. Hey Girl, congrats on the weight loss, it’s a lot more motivating to stick with it when you see some results. Thanks agian for having me over, love the new soap stone.
    Also, i found these on the internet, you better get crocheting so I can purchase one of these from you!(java jackets)

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