So I’m going through my millions of emails per day (hey I like to sign up for stuff) and I decided to click on the Creating Keepsakes one about taking pictures of a kid and a birthday cake. I noticed it said change your ISO and since going digital I had never done it. I know, I know, I just fell like way down off the pedestal of the last post (thanks for all the complements on my photos guys!). But I’m all self taught on the digital, and just never tried it out. I always shoot on manual though, does that redeem me a little? Anyway here is why you should care:

On ISO 200 (what my camera has been on since day one I think). The lower the ISO the less light comes in, but the less noise you get also (see I do know what it is after all). We always shot with ISO 100 in photography class (ah TMax).

On ISO 400. Boring shot, I know, but I wanted something kind of darkly lit. Oh that and I just turned my butt on the stool and pointed to the nearest thing.

On ISO 800. By now I’m like, OH MY GOD.

On ISO 1600, the highest my camera will go. Now yes, there is some noise, but COME ON PEOPLE, this is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

So embarrassing for me, but listen, I did it to help you out. Go get your camera, see if you can change this setting. Change nothing else, but that setting and snap some pictures in an area where light won’t change in the one minuet this test takes. You’ll thank me. Oh what, you all knew that already? Okay then, get on with your business.

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  1. i’m laughing (with you!) only because i had to go through the same “aha” moment very recently. as i whined about the poor lighting in our north-facing house, my husband brought up the ISO thing… okay, so i *knew* about it before, but always ignored it… until it saved my photos that day. good call on spreading the word! 🙂

  2. I’m with Barb. I knew I could do something but didn’t take the time to learn.
    Thanks for making it so easy 🙂

  3. Wow! What a difference! Even more great pictures to come, I’ assuming! 🙂 But there is still some noise? Hmm…I didn’t hear anything….
    ha ha ha

  4. In my dark house, I’ve been rockin the 1600 ISO for some time now (who cares about a little noise), but only because I took a class from Karen Russell back in the fall and she let us in on the tip. Amazing, huh? I’ve heard about cameras that are 3200 and 6400 ISO… I can only imagine what that would do!

  5. Congratulations! I am sorry you didn’t know that before now – often shoot in “p” mode – you pick your ISO and the camera does the rest. Its great 🙂 My photography *hero* says “P is for Professional.” lol
    Now imagine if you will…. the D3 goes up to 25,600 ISO…. bwah hahahhaa… yes ma’am you CAN take pictures in the dark… 🙂

  6. do all cameras have ISO? because if they do, i am so in on this ‘ah-ha’ factor! this will be awesome for a night wedding, if i can figure it out 😉 haha!

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