Ribbons and Pictures, Lots and Lots

Yesterday I ordered 1,860 4×6 photos and 40 5×7 photos. Oh my god! I still have six quarters to work my way through: the current one, last two of 2007, and three of 2006. Those six are going to have even more photos than the tiny amount of digital photos I took from 2003-early 2006. It is so funny looking back through them all, it goes film, digital pre-blog, digital blog with Bj’s camera/my point and shoot, digital blog with my D50 (2006 and on). Let’s just say I really up-ed my game. I’ve stopped sorting for now because I thought that all my photos for 2003 and 2004 were film, I didn’t realize I had some digital photos I took with Bj’s so now I have to re-organize some of the binders I’ve done already. Anyway I did file away the first quarter of 2007 (that was my test to see the quality of Shutterfly). I brought that over to grandpa today to visit. We looked through it and I yelled out the descriptions of everything (get a hearing aid PLEASE!). At the end of the binder he looked and me and said, "you sure do take pictures of everything, don’t you?" Yes, I do. 🙂 Including this loveliness:

Some Hanah Silk I just got for Ribbon Jar. Lord, I have never wanted to eat my ribbon so badly. Seriously this stuff is delisios. And no, I can’t link to it… yet. I have a huge backlog of new wonderful ribbons to add to my store. See it turns out that I have no problem ordering them, but getting them up on the site… AHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate it. I really do, it’s my least favorite Ribbon Jar thing. Oh that and answering email questions like, "I don’t understand your site, do you sell by the yard?" It’s listed as price per yard, so this question always gets me. Anyway I have about two hundred new ribbons to add. They are all so great. I have a bunch of new suppliers. I had to start finding some more local (American) mills because the dollar is so low. It’s worked out great because I get to carry hand-dyed beauties like these now. I have been updating my new page, so check it out. I also added a few new categories and re-organized things a bit under shop ribbon. For now I’ll leave you with one more picture:

The sample cards, all stacked up. Me running my hands through them. It was that or rubbing them against my face. So soft. Expect to see me wearing a silk flower pin like everyday of the week soon.

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