Breakfast, that’s right I’m up.

First for Erin

The cupcakes. Emilie brought a Sprinkles mix. When we got to the frosting part I realized we only had about half of the needed powdered sugar. I looked online for a substitute and it turns out you can get out the mortar and pestle and grind it into a powder yourself. So we did. And we still halved the recipe. If you make these you really only need half, they have you make a ridiculous amount of frosting. I love frosting and even I thought it was way way too much.

It was fun to have Emilie over last night. She cracks me up. We went to the mall after school so I could check out the Half-Yearly Sale and replace my 15 year old hairbrush (they still make them!). I hadn’t been to the mall in so long. It is so much fun to people watch there, especially teenagers. We saw a great pass between two groups of girls. One group was in line with us at Auntie Anne’s, the others were doing a walk by. There was a great, "oh hey, how are you?" "oh hi guys, see you later." I wish I could properly get across in written words how laced the exchange was with bitchiness. It should have gone like this, "oh hey (it’s those girls we hate so much), how are you (did you break up with that boyfriend)?" "Oh hi guys (oh no it’s THEM), see you later (ugh we better not run into them again)." So bad, but so interesting. There’s always those girls right, the super bitchy ones. Yikes.

On the way home we passed a new strip joint in town (yuck, yuck, double yuck). And Emilie goes, "so if you did that would you rather be called an exotic dancer or striper." LOL what? I thought maybe they are differnt, but I’m too afraid to put that in a search engine. That exchange reminded me of a silly thing we did in high school, where you figure out your stripper name. I said mine would be Rainbow Mimosa (first pet + street you grow up on) it could also be Rainbow Fir (that’s the first street I ever lived on), but that’s just too bad. We got home and asked Bj what his first pet was named (Nikki) and his street (Viewpoint). We started laughing, and he asked why. We told him and he said that we had it all wrong, "No, you take your middle name, make it your first, and then the nearest cross street. I know because at one time my stripper name was Henry Ruggles." Henry Ruggles, oh my goodness we could not stop laughing.

This morning I had to get up early to take her to school (early for me equals 7:12am). I was so confused by the alarm clock I kept nudging Bj to turn his off already. It took almost a minuet of beeping for me to get it together and turn the thing off. Alarm clocks, ew. We drove to school and on the way back as I was driving with people tailgating, swerving, driving too fast, smoking in their cars, eating in their cars, talking in there cars, and looking really really pissed off in their cars. Look, it’s the best part of my job that I’m never out on the road during this apparently mean time. I don’t see how you can be so very upset. I mean it is early, but geez. When I see unhappy people it tends to make me more glad that my life is as good as it is. So I cranked up Vida la Viva (brilliant) and decided I would come home and cook real breakfast.

I roused Bj, who gets the best sleepy face when he gets to sleep in longer than me. It’s a little smile that looks like he’s having the best dream ever. I went about making the BEST BREAKFAST EVER. My mom makes a version of this. I’m going to write it out because I think it’s a fantastic fast hot breakfast. Healthy, mmm, maybe, maybe not. First you take frozen hash browns.

Put a pile of them on a plate and microwave for three minutes. Meanwhile in a pan:

The key is half olive oil half butter. Heat up and melt. After hash browns are done in the microwave put them in the pan and brown on both sides. I figure we could handle a little bacon so I put some in the microwave:

I love bacon. I like the idea of being vegetarian, but I love bacon. This by the way is one of the only things I use paper towels for. Bj uses them for everything, ugh it’s a source of contention. How does he use so many??!?! Anyway take three eggs

Beat them with a fork. Set aside. Get out the trifecta (sp?) of seasonings:

Salt, pepper and Johnny’s. Best seasoning salt ever. As you can see, it is pure magic. The potatoes should be done (you flip them once to get them brown on both sides). So season them a bit, then pour the eggs over. This is the genius part, everything goes together.

Then you just cook until eggs are done! You can add cheese, my mom adds stuff veggies, salsa, and cottage cheese (right mom?). But I like it plain with a side of tomatoes and ketchup.

I don’t like cooked tomatoes but these varieties are quite good.


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  1. I’m SO glad it’s nearly lunchtime…
    because that looks SO yummy!
    and YES. Johnny Salt IS pure magic.
    I put it on pretty much everything 🙂

  2. Woah- two days in a row with the posting? Things are getting out of hand. Breakfast looks yummy! I’m going to try it this weekend.

  3. Kitty Wiltsey here, love the cooking post! Pretty much just love food, eating it, looking at it, cooking it…

  4. YUM! Looks good girl! But just a couple questions here–1. how in the heck do you have enough self control to only eat 2 pcs of bacon each!? and 2. how do you microwave them? just on a paper towel? how long? they look fabulous and yummy without the mess! TFS!

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