Spring Fling

I know, I know, I’m alive can you believe it? I just sent out a Ribbon Jar email with fun stuff like this:

I’ve only gotten to play with it a little bit, but hopefully I should have some time soon to crank out some more projects from this yummy batch of stuff (if you want your own they are right here). I did fifty of them so they are first come first serve. My favorite part:

These custom self-adhesive tags I had made for the kit. Each set is a little different, with a dozen labels. Yummy.

Other than that I’d like to say, "hey I’ve been so busy and exciting." But that’s not really true. I have been getting back on my bike, remember that thing? I forgot how much I love it. Turns out all I really needed to do was get Bj a nice bike of his own (which I did for his birthday earlier this month with the help of grandpa). Now Bj wants to go out all the time. I’ve already taken my packages to the post office once by bike, and cycled to the Saturday market in town with my mom and Bill, it was so much fun. Hmm what else? Oh I’ve worked on a to scale plan for the garage over-haul we’re planning for the weekend. Now that might not seem that exciting to you, but for a Virgo like me… very exciting! Emilie is over for the night since my dad and her mom are out of town. We’re trying to talk Bj into making us stir-fry, no problem I think, as Em brought cupcake mix for dessert as a bribe, I love that girl!

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  1. Glad to have you back Amber! and I’ve already sent my guess in! Love your kits too!

  2. she’s alive! 🙂
    you were going to get an email this morning
    (if you hadn’t blogged) 😉
    oooohhh! fun! I love the guessing jar!
    and that kit is FAB!

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