Free Association Wednesday


Okay it’s Free Association Wednesday, the return. I loved these, not quite sure why I stopped. Basically you comment with the first thing that pops into your head. For help you can see the first Free Association Wednesday. Oh and I’m going to do things a little differently. The person whose answer/story/quote/etc. I like best will pick the next week’s word. And I’m going to add a little story of my own when I think of something. This week I used one of my new dictionaries and just picked a page. I’m going to comment on my own entry so I don’t mess up your "first thing popping into your head."


P.S. Thanks go Katie for thinking I should bring these back!

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  1. The first thing I think of are those little quips kids tell each other: “What’s grosser than gross? Eating a bowl of cornflakes then having your little brother come looking for his scab collection.” That is pretty gross.

  2. Bike wrecks. Like when the neighbor’s 95 year old dog decides that he is going to pay attention to something for the first time in weeks, and he decides that the something is going to be you, on your purple banana seat bike with streamers wearing your hot pink helmet and screaming bloody murder while the dog is chasing you and your big brother is trying to kick it.

  3. Amber Brown’s scab collection – Loved the Amber Brown stories.
    Pciking at them – kind of like picking at your nose.

  4. Um, speaking of bringing things back…I really like the daily photos. Could you bring those back too?

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