It’s not the same with out my thrifting buddy

Today I had to go to an estate sale. I say I had to because it was blocks from my house, and run by some good, honest, not over-charging people. But Sciarrino was at work so I had to fly solo. I just do not find it as fun at all. Half the fun is going with someone and then showing each other things. At least I can show all of you guys what I got:

To add to my dictionary collection. I think it’s one of my more eccentric collections.

Are whales really that big? That seems ridiculous compared to the elephant. I love all the drawings:

I love the big old research dictionaries, but I think children’s are my favorite. I’m trying to get Bj to go with me to a 6 family barn sale out in the country tomorrow, we’ll see. I’m already kind of in his debt because he’s working on my Ribbon Jar computer (hard drive issues, ahhhhhhh). The one thing we’ve decided? No major home repairs this weekend. We’ve earned a break I think.

Edited: I just realized putting away these books that I had the fifth one already (Po-St). So I get to cut that one apart, yeah!

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  1. yay for getting to cut one apart…
    although, I probably would cut into all of them. They’re cool!
    And, if my weekend wasn’t already jam-packed with 500 other things to to I would totally come to that barn sale with you.
    6 families + barn + country? dude, they’re gonna have fun stuff!

  2. Maybe it’s a baby elephant.
    There are many more weekends of saleing my friend—I totally agree it isn’t the same without you either!

  3. Yes, a Blue Whale really is that big. It’s the largest mammal on earth. Most whales we see around here are about half to a third that size.
    Cool dictionaries! Call me–I’ll go thrifting with you any time.

  4. LOL, if the book says whales are that big, they probably are 🙂 I mean, have the Golden Books ever steered us wrong?

  5. Hi, Amber. I have that same set of dictionaries that my grandmother has had since I guess my Mom was a kid (or when we were kids – don’t have them handy to look at the date). They are really cool! You always have so much fun . . . and find the coolest things.

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