Casting off, casting on

Projects finished:

Cutie baby pants (Ravelry Link), that make up the rest of the cute little outfit:

Oh my goodness I can’t wait to see my baby! I don’t know what I’m more excited for, dressing the baby, nursing the baby, holding the baby and never putting it down?!?! So much to do when the baby comes. That’s why I need to knit… NOW. I admit I’m one of those girls who oodles over a newborn until someone lets me hold it, then my mom seems to swoop in, but not this time, baby you’re mine! Oh and I guess Bj can hold it some too. After all he has been doing his research. He was so excited about this book that he tracked it down off of a Christian Bookstore website after Amazon was sold out:

It is so beyond funny. But he is taking it very seriously, which might be even funnier:

Now for projects in progress:

Ack! I will be cleaning jars until a) I finish b) the skin on my hands get so dried out they crack or c) I can’t take the nastiness anymore. Because spiderwebs + dead bugs + gummy labels + who knows what = gross. I have to pre-wash, then dishwasher wash, than post wash. It’s a mess. But it will be fun to organize them, ah organizing, I love it. *If you still want to guess the number, I not near finished, just do it on the post below this one so it’s all together.

Also in progress:

Plans baby! For the upstairs, oh ya, super excited about that one. The guy who drew the plans ended up putting two bathrooms upstairs, he was very anti parents/children sharing a bathroom. I think this is going to work out awesome, I can even really picture it since we have the one tiny bathroom now and it really is working fine. The only thing that I’m not a huge fan of is that I don’t have a shower and bathtub in the master bath, and I love my bath. Also I want the walk in closet to fit one of those pull down ironing boards that hides your iron in there, is possible. But overall I really like the whole thing. I just am going to have to work so hard to pick materials that don’t make this look new. I couldn’t stand it if it looked like someone plopped a new house on top of our cute little cottage. This is going to be in combination with a few other improvements on the main floor: gas to the stove, and a new range as well as updating the shower in the bathroom we use now. If we ever want to put a fume hood in above the stove we have to do while the upstairs is still being framed, and the bathroom downstairs has to be demolished a little bit to get pipes upstairs, so we’re going to fix the tub situation while we’re doing that. Now before you tell me I’m crazy to do this pregnant, I know already! Totally crazy! I don’t know what I’m thinking! Well I’m thinking that there is no where to put baby stuff, like at all. What were you going to say I should get rid of my craft room? Some one suggested this to me and I blocked their IP address from my blog (just kidding, but seriously, what were they thinking?)

So let the crazy pregnancy remodel begin*

Oh man, that only took me like thirty minutes and I still have 322 until I get to see the new X-Files movie. WHY DOES TIME ALWAYS HAVE TO GO SO SLOW?

*pending financing.

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  1. Someone seriously suggested you eliminate the craft space. This must have been a person who does not have a craft space her/himself.
    Can’t wait to see the progress of the remodel.

  2. The plans look great–you must be so excited!
    That outfit looks so cute–and great for a girl or a boy.
    As far as your last post goes about making cute girl clothes vs boy clothes. I hear ya. You can have 10 styles of dresses, but only like 3 different shirts for boys…You’ll make super cute stuff regardless tho.

  3. Your remodel is so exciting. Will it be finished by the time the baby arrives?
    Have you seen the August/September issue of Scrapbooks etc? You must check out page 132. When I saw this layout I immediately thought of you.
    Have a groovy day!

  4. Plans look great and I think 2 bathrooms upstairs is the way to go too. If financing all works out, any idea when this big project will start? I hope it all goes well!

  5. Nice plans! We don’t have a master bath in our house and I hate it. Especially when guests are visiting, it’s such a pain. Your new addition looks like it will be great!

  6. so much to comment on! 🙂
    that outfit is adorable! the little pants are so cute!
    what a fun book = hilarious!
    I cannot wait to see the new upstairs addition!
    I’ll cross my fingers that things go smoothly for you.
    (and give up your craft room? what? that’s crazy talk!)
    but more so, I cannot wait to see your little baby! 🙂
    I’m the same as you…if there’s a baby in the room I better be holding it – or I’ll pester you until you pass it over!
    (you’ve been warned!) 😉

  7. Love the outfit 🙂 love the plans on the house. Hmm….how much do you need/want double sinks? Could you through a tub where the double sinks are and put a sink where the shower is? Just a thought. And being pregnant and remodeling – you don’t have to explain to anyone the tears, the yelling, the frustrations *chuckle* been there done that – and all the work was done by my hubby after hours – so not only did I have to live through it, I lost my hubby time until it was completed!
    Good luck. May the force be with you!

  8. OK, so my (possibly unwanted?) somewhat humorous but true baby advice is this. If Baby is a girl, wipe from top to bottom. I was horrified when I watched my dear, naive husband wiping our baby girl’s diaper one day (she’s seven now, so at least we got through it LOL) from the bottom to top when she was poopy. I intervened and explained that we girls are delicate, and we don’t want poopies in our delicate areas, and he honestly had no idea, since men don’t have to deal with that. Since then, we had another girl, and he was the expert by then (and then came the boy, and it’s completely different!). I tell this to all the new dads to be, and they laugh at me, and then tell me that they’d never thought of that before LOL. Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me sharing 🙂
    That outfit is adorable, Baby is going to be one fine looking little one!

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