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Feeling pretty good today since I finally got a haircut. My hair has been brushing the top of my shoulders for weeks now, nasty ends, the works. But of course I had to go and sleep through my first hair appointment last week, so today was the first day I could get in. I felt oh so guilty for missing an appointment when she was squeezing me in that I had to get up and make the famous chocolate chip cookies, I’m not beyond bribery, I mean my hair is going to keep growing after all. Also I tip big. 🙂 She said they were the best cookies ever and I got the best haircut ever, so I guess we’re even now. And I learned my lesson and already scheduled another appointment for September… with an alert on my phone to remind me a half hour before hand. Genius.

Also genius? My blog readers, you guys have been being so sweet to me! LeAnn recently sent me this adorable book:

Do you see that, popular Empire and A-line styles. Oh little baby please be a girl. There are about three pages for a boy:

Pants, a coat? Cute but it’s no:

No that is cute. Thanks so much LeAnn! I can’t wait to use these tips, or at least drool over the book a while.

As if that wasn’t enough an astute local reader, Dianne emailed me a Craig’s list link for a truck load of jars that she "didn’t want me to miss out on." Nice catch!

Let’s play a little game, who ever gets the closest number to the real amount of jars (I have not counted them yet) will get a little scrappy prize. As in some scrapbooking goodies. I’ll pull together something cute. So guess away!

Oh and:

I know, enough about the powder! But seriously. I had to pee after picking up the jars (an hour and half away from me) so Sciarrino and I popped into an Albertson’s. I was looking above the aisles and there were signs for brands of makeup/skin care like wet n’ wild, and a couple other old ones. I joked to Sciarrino that if anyone was going to have a travel size of shower to shower it would be some place like this. We went through the aisles and sure enough travel size! Not only that but they even had my old Blossom Fresh, a scent I would like to remind you is not even made any more (when it wouldn’t ring up at the check stand I whispered to Sciarrino, "it’s because it doesn’t exist any more!!!"). I thought maybe they would have the big containers too, so we went to look for those. It was some where totally random next to like hemorrhoid cream or something. I think Shower to Shower must have the worst marketing department in the world. Anyway, check this out: Shimmer Effects. It’s so cool! You get a really nice shimmer from it on your arms, or where ever. It doesn’t really have a scent, and it’s not sparkly, just a light shimmer. I love it. I was all freaking out when we left the store. And rightly so, I mean totally out of the blue, and check out the size difference, you really do need a travel size of this stuff. And since I can’t seem to figure out that it will ever go bad I intend to stock pile it until I’m one of those crazy ladies with their sugar packets. My grandchildren will be moving me into a home going, "What is up with all this shower to shower powder?!?!?"

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  1. hehe…I have never noticed Shower to Shower in the store before, but I see it everywhere now. Maybe it’s a midwest thing.
    hmm…jars…my guess is 226. Great find btw.

  2. 214 jars! 8 shower to shower in your current stock.. were we supposed to guess that too?

  3. Okay it JUST hit me where I’ve seen shower to shower before. The nurses have a bottle of it in the OR bathroom…must be good for the OR sweats….

  4. Ok, I know I gave you a hard time about only using powder for deoderant and not buying REAL deoderant…but the funniest thing happened. Looking in our bathroom closet, on Grant’s designated shelf was a thing of Shower to Shower!!! I’m like, “what the…” LOL!!! He doesn’t use it for deoderant, but man, I was cracking up at just the fact it was in our house!

  5. 183. And I have a large shower to shower in some yummy scent. i can’t believe they don’t make it anymore either. i’ll have to save it for my next pregnancy b/c i used it like crazy then!!!

  6. Erin makes a good point. How are we supposed to see how adorably pregnant you are with your new haircut if there is no picture of how adorably pregnant you are with your new haircut?

  7. I’m going to say (if it’s not unfair for me to participate) 232 jars.
    And here’s some weird StoS trivia for you. Years and years ago, when it first came out, My uncle was a sales rep for the company who made it. We had a couple of gratis bottles that lasted us decades. If we ever get together, I’ll sing you the jingle….

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