But are you serious?

After a Sunday of doing as little as possible I took on two busy kids to do as much as possible yesterday. Yup, I’m watching the little munchkins Hogan and Karsen again, now 7 and 3, I can’t believe it! They are as cute as ever, saying the most hilarious things to me. Their parent’s must have told them that this might be the last time I ever baby sit because Hogan asked me that, I said yes, I have my own baby coming now. And Hogan was very excited and said he would be really nice to my baby. Karsen kept saying, "there’s a baby in there? Are you serious?" to which I would say yes, then she’d say, "But are you SERIOUS?" So funny. Watching these kids play is so fun, they are so sweet to each other always saying they love each other, awe. They came over with me to work yesterday and were playing, Karsen made sure that every piece of ribbon I tied on her (arm, leg, whatever, this always is a huge hit with kids at my house) was shown to Bj, or Peeeee Jay. She tells me what she likes; "I like your shirt." "I like your house." "I like your husband." Hehehe, they did tire me out though and I went to bed at 10:30 and fell right asleep. Hogan kept wanting to know while I was putting him to bed if I was going to stay up and knit. He has been interested in my knitting since I first started watching them a few years ago. But I got negative knitting done, as I had to pull out the progress of a baby sock, I could not figure out where I was on the pattern. Then I couldn’t figure out the cast on (figure 8), so I switched to another pattern, and couldn’t figure that out (long tail). So ya, negative knitting. I’m going to find a video to follow along with and hopefully get it going today.

Things I can still figure out how to do, spin! And I got a bunch done on Sunday.

Finished this on Sunday. I decided to Navajo ply it, which I’m not so sure about. This is what the fiber looked like, and I’m not sure I made the best use of it. It’s growing on me though and is super soft. I’m going to have to swatch it up to see what it’s really like.

This Pigeonroof Studios fiber is ready to ply. Since I have to put a different head on my wheel to ply I’ve also got out a bunch of this fiber to play with:

I think I got a pound of it at last year’s Flock and Fiber Festival. Here is what it looked like in the big braid. Kind of a unique mix of colors. Bj is very unsure about how it will look spun up. So I took a chunk out, split it and pre-drafted it:

Here’s the other half already spun:

I think it’s going to be pretty cool. I’m not going to bring my wheel over to the kid’s house because it’s asking a lot for little hands and feet not to "check it out." 🙂 But they have a little camp thing today so I should get a little bit more done. And if I could ever figure out how to cast on I could maybe knit a little.

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  1. Those kids sound so funny – but boy, littles one do tire you out@ Just wait;) Your handspun is delightful – that PRS – gorgeous – but that one pound of fiber – I love how it looks on the bobbin – your photo is perfect!

  2. Oh! I just love the colors of all that yarn. I know I have asked before about spinning but could you tell me a little bit about what type of spinning wheel you have? Do you have any good websites or books that would be helpful to someone wanting to learn more about spinning?

  3. I have to comment: 1) because one day when I was feeling droopy I read your entire blog and became obsessed with going thrifting, which I did and all I found were hundreds of jars 🙂 and 2) because I love spinning and you’re doing an amazing job of it. Also, I don’t even have the plying head for my lendrum- since I mostly just spin 4 ounce bumps I just ply them all on the fast flier at the smallest whorl so I can get those really squishy two plies I’m so in love with 🙂

  4. Those are turning out really nice.
    And those kids sound super cute–I wish mine would love on each other, lately it seems like the only bicker. Though as I type this they are together putting cream cheese on bagels doing an excellent job at teamwork 😉

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