Public Service Announcement

There is out in Salem today the HOTTEST FEDEX GUY EVER. He just came to my door, and I swear to God, I thought I was getting punk’d or something. Easily the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in real like, maybe 5′ 10", short dark hair, with a day’s worth of stubble. He brought a package to the door and I couldn’t even talk! Just thought I’d let the locals know.

Oh and yes Bj, this does mean your clothes came, and I still think you’re the hottest guy for me!

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  1. Way to go getting the uberhot fedex guy to come to your house! I thought he was just an urban legend.

  2. Seriously, you could have asked him to wait at the door for a moment so you could get his picture

  3. A few years ago I was working and a fellow employee called my desk and told me to look outside, the gardeners were working and they were topless and absolutely stunning. All the women in the office basically stood at the window and stared for a bit. What’s really funny is we work in a synagogue and me being me when the Rabbi asked what we were doing I said “Checking out the scenery!” which got a chuckle. Sadly, ever since then we’ve had boring overweight gardeners. Sigh.

  4. Remember that scene in Legally Blonde, where the UPS guy goes to the nail salon and says, “I’ve…got a package.” Lol. Maybe all of us blog readers could send you something every couple of days so he can keep coming to your house 😉 Oh ya, and get a picture!!

  5. I’m stunned there aren’t at least 10 pictures of him (from every possible angle) as he got your delivery out of the truck / brought it towards the house / knocked on the door / handed you the box / waited for you to sign / walked back out to the truck. Seriously, Amber….you’re slacking. =)
    Not to mention those RAGING hormones in the 2nd trimester !

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