Spinning and Digging

Super busy crazy weekend. Good though, wedding + visits always equal good. On Friday night Sciarrino took me for an early birthday present to Eugene. We went to see this. So wonderful! Beautiful stories of birth, and strong woman we are not afraid to enjoy it! We also went to a fabulous yarn shop (check my ravelry page soon if you want to see the increase in my stash size!) and had Thai for dinner. Thanks Sciarrino it was awesome! We drove to and from Sisters, Oregon on Saturday (2 hours away). Remember that awesome weekend Sciarrino and I had with my mom’s friends a month or so ago? It was at that house, and so beautiful. No I didn’t bring my camera, but it was a perfect day. Picture sun, lots of lovely people, and a beautiful couple. After that excitement I got to see Brett, Michele and V on Sunday. I was just going to pop in, but they were headed to the pool so Michele and I got to have a wonderful chat while V played with her dad in this cute indoor pool. The rest of Sunday went by fast since I was spinning like mad, and yesterday I worked and Sciarrino and I ran some errands. I love having her in town, SERIOUSLY. Although she does try and stop me from buying things sometimes, what’s that about Sciarrino? Mostly I’ve been working on this:

Thought you might like to see how the back yard is coming along. Yeah, right! Well we do have one thing going on back there.

My younger brother Taylor. And two hours later:

Thank god for that tree casting a shadow, it’s about 95 out there. We have to dig down to see if our house has footings. Won’t you please send good thoughts that it does? If not we’ll have to dig down all the way around the house in sections and pour in a footing. That equals time + money. We did get  approval for a loan, but didn’t include this in it, yikes! It’s nice to have Taylor here. He doesn’t like to spend a ton of time talking to me (I think it’s the double whammy of me being 10 years older and not that cool, what 17 year old dreams about knitting?). But I got him lunch and we chatted about how excited he is for his senior year, and things he wants to do in college, good stuff. He’s a pretty cool kid I think. What else?

Things are starting to come between me and my feet shots. Well one big thing: baby. I get those daily emails and it is 8.5 ounces now? Something like that. I might have felt the baby, but more than that I feel the uterus, it’s weird, I feel like it’s a big water balloon lodged in my belly. I like to poke it, but I don’t like it when other people do. Yuck. Except Bj, he’s really cute and likes to say hello to the baby all the time. Well off to update Ravelry…


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  1. that handspun is GORGEOUS!
    as is that new yarn in the last pic!
    and I love your foot picture!
    the baby bump is getting in the way!
    I love it…so cute! 🙂

  2. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? is that “yarn” sitting on a beautiful old pot with, um ….DEAD plants in it! I rue the day! pt.pt.pt

  3. That yarn is gorgeous–both are! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    And you’re crazy to drive to sisters and back in 1 day, just stay the night next time!

  4. Beautiful yarn! Beautiful Belly! What are you going to do when you can’t see your feet?

  5. Amber. You are so cute! I hope you are taking progressive belly shots! I really want to see! And honestly….how do you have time to do so much? This is one lucky baby! buying my ticket down soon. I’ll let you know the dates!

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