Spun and Done

I finished this yummy yummy yarn, it took a while to dry as it is a bit damp around here (thank goodness, hot gets old to me).

There is so much yarn here! I did about 718 yards, 2 ply, fingering weight? It’s 17 wpi, which means when you wrap it around a pencil for an inch it gets around it 17 times, so it’s pretty thin. I’m thinking socks maybe? There is enough to do something bigger. I mean check out the size of this cake:

HUGE! Here is a Ravelry link for details. I also got something else to tempt me:

I ordered from Pigeonroof Studios, and oh my goodness is it fantastic. Check my flickr page for more of the fiber I could not pass up. Her shop sells out mega fast so I just kept hitting refresh whenever I would walk by my computer. I was going to knit, started swatching some of my older handspun for a baby blanket, but now…

7 Replies to “Spun and Done”

  1. I keep looking at Pigeonroof Studios too, maybe when I’ve actually got better at this I will order. Your handspun is so pretty!

  2. That piegonroof stuff is going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Oh! My gosh your handspun is such a wonderful color combo! I still want to learn how to spin. Your blog keeps inspiring me to try!

  4. Beautiful! Looks like candy!

  5. Amber, I am constantly in awe of all the things you do. You must never stop for breath girl! This yarn looks beautiful. Hope you’re keeping well with baby on board.

  6. swoon, awesome colors. you make me want to knit!!

  7. The yarn is beautiful! I love the shades of green. And aren’t those scissors great – I have those locking squishy scissors too for design.

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