Monster Shower

Yesterday Sciarrino through me a monster baby shower. It wasn't actually monster huge, but literally about monsters. You may have seen this link in my side bar. Bj and I loved the monsters so much that Sciarrino came up with the idea to throw a shower where we made them. Her place looked so cozy

And she was a wonderful hostess, of course. Check out her party favors:

(from last minute patchwork and quilted gifts). We gathered around and made a bunch of friends for little baby:

Our results:

*edited: I put each monster up individually on my flickr page.
The only bummer about the shower was that a few friends couldn't come because they were sick. And Sarah's car got sick, so she was just able to pop in after she got rescued. I missed you guys! I got some more super cute baby things. It turns out most baby things only come in one style: super cute.

(card from Sarah). Baby got sweet little books (it's first chunky kind!), blankets, including some from Sue that were extra large for good swaddling, safety things, and tiny clothes:

These were made by Erin. She has gotten so good at batik since our adventure in dying this last summer. Bj freaked out about them, of course. I think he's going to be dressing the baby up more than me!

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  1. I wish I could have been there! I can’t beleive how awesome the monsters turned out!! Also Erin’s baby clothes are amazing!! She should be selling those! I especially love the apple one! It is so perfect for you both with all of your mac love! Of course maybe your baby will be a PC… never know!

  2. DEAR LORD I don’t know how you’re being SO PATIENT AND CALM with all of the chaos in the house – it would be driving me MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD !!! But, when you have sweetie friends to throw you such cute little rendesvouz like your Monster Shower, you can’t go wrong ! Glad you had such a cute shower ! And kudos on being so calm with the construction !

  3. AUGHLE!!! Those monsters are so freaking cute! I can’t even stand it. Ahhh…what a lovely shower idea. And Sciarrino’s LR looks adorable. I might poach that picture frame assortment idea. 🙂

  4. ahhhh! those turned out SOOOO cute!
    I was SO upset I missed out! It looked like so much fun! And yes, Katie’s place is SO cute + cozy (my parents couldn’t stop talking about what a cute neighborhood + how cute the outside looked!).
    I am glad I was able to stop in and give you your gift and say hello and see your adorable little pregnant belly in person, but so, so bummed I missed out on the monster making 🙁
    The books…since I wasn’t able to explain in person:
    so I know you aren’t a fan of cats, but I had to get the SkippyJon Jones book. It’s just such a fun out loud read that I hoped you could overlook that it was about a cat 😉 Also, The Little House and I am a Bunny are 2 of my all time faves from childhood. I hope you and your little one like them too! 🙂
    Okay. This is now an email instead of a blog comment.
    I’m sorry 🙂 And we’ll have to figure out a time (once I get my car back) for me to come visit!
    Off to check your flickr page!

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