Brrr time for more knitting

Well that didn't last.

I told all my friends to take the extra candy. In a fit of pregnancy induced craziness, obviously! So I have been dismantling it with my paper piercer. I got desperate, you see I'm a bit trapped:

(the backyard, normally I wouldn't show you a picture of it, since it's full of building material and overgrown everything, but hey snow makes everything pretty!) It's been crazy cold here. The kind of cold where when it snows it sticks. That doesn't happen often and as a result not many know how to drive. The streets are like little ice rinks. I did go out once today, when Bj took me to a dental check up. Now I'm huddled back inside. I did try to go outside to take pictures of my newest knitting:

(this is going to be baby leggings). Terrible picture, but I couldn't be bothered to stay out there one second longer to try and get it right. Brrrr! It's okay I've got other things to obsess about, like knob and handle placement. Currently we have this going on downstairs:

So we decided to follow that formula (middle of the drawer, middle of the door) for the bathrooms and other built-ins:

Keith hard at work. I love this style. I'm so glad they still make them otherwise I would be well, a bit lost on what to do. I still have to find sconces to go in the bathrooms next to the (non-existent) mirrors. The ones we ordered (and paid for) were discontinued. I also have to think about window coverings, and soon. We should be living up here sometime next week. Which is awesome because I can't wait to get my rainbow clothes organization on:

I'll put out all the clothes I will be able to wear after the baby. Other wise I'd be able to fill about five hangers (and that's hanging t-shirts). Bj asked me today what I was going to wear to the dentist. Um, is there some other option besides yoga pants that I'm not aware of?

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  1. ice rink! YES.
    a perfect description!
    and yes. it’s a bit scary out there
    since no one (me included) really knows how to drive in it!
    stay inside where it’s safe and warm 🙂
    love the bathroom wall color
    looks great with the tile!

  2. the snow looks gorgeous! so do those adorable leggings you are making! Still I can’t beleive you are doing so much! You should get some sledding in while you have a chance, and maybe shovel the driveway while you are at it! Nesting must be a powerful force!

  3. looks awesome, reidster said how nice your place is looking with the renos! Cant wait to see it!

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