It’s freaking crazy outside!

Or as the local stations like to say: STORM WATCH ARCTIC FREEZE STORM 2008 or something like that. My cottage looks so cute!
I mean icicles, we never get those! They even make the garbage can look cute. And snow does wonders to all manners of things you wish were not in your yard, like trailers of trash.

The bad news is the ice accumulation:

while pretty, this is a bad combination with tree branches. Bj and I are pretty sure we will loose our whole laurel hedge in the backyard. But that's nothing compared to some trees around here. My brother took us out last night in his big 4 wheel drive and we had to go all the way around the neighborhood to get out. The hill by our house the road was completely closed, and the other direction had a downed power line one way and a huge branch the other way. I know lots of cities get more than our foot or so of snow, but they have loads of plows and crew to take care of it. They can't even keep up on the interstates here, and one of them is closed for 50 miles. I mean it is CRAZY. Our city just put out a bulletin to stay in unless you must go out.

So this has slowed progress on my cottage a bit, but we now officially live upstairs, yeah! I took a ton of photos so instead of making this the longest blog post in history I'll just give you the link to my cottage set over on flickr. Here are some highlights:

The baby's room. It's a sort of grey/blue/periwinkle color that I think is pretty gender neutral. I'm just so freaking excited to have all the baby's stuff at our house. Everything you see here was given to us, we are so lucky! Of course I had to make it our own. My mom painted the changing table and cradle white, and I recovered the swing. It was hard to do, I had to totally dismantle it and then use the fabric that was on it (a cream and black print) as a sort of pattern. I'm pretty sure the 15 warning tags would say not to do this, but it sure does look cute!

Oh but, if anyone does have a swing like this can you tell me where those little clear plastic tab things go? It's the only thing I can't figure out how to get back together (in this picture you can see one hanging out on the right where the seat and back come together). The baby's changing table is ready to go:

Bj and I like to just be in the baby's room and last night we were in here and Bj wanted me to go over the diaper situation. It was fun, we can't wait to have the little baby here (only we can so stay in there baby). Note the old door knobs, our whole upstairs has them to match the downstairs.

I also love our master suite. The bathroom is so awesome.

We don't have sconces yet for next to the mirror because of discontinued stuff, and not being able to find anything else, but we have something coming now, so hopefully we'll get those up soon. I have drawers, DRAWERS in my bathroom. This is the coolest thing, and they are mostly empty because I don't know what to do with all my stuff, I'm not used to all this space. I love our counter tops and tile floor, but I need to find some more bathmats, brrr! We get to try the shower tonight, as it just got caulked today. Another favorite section:

Somebody has a ton of clothes (not me), and told me that I had a lot of clothes. Well this was yesterday when I was all pissy and I got all upset because hello, I've been wearing the same two outfits for the past two weeks. So don't tell me I have to many clothes mister! Behind the door:

Bj does this thing where he'll wear jeans again and in the mean time just toss them somewhere, it drives me nuts! So I came up with this behind the door hook system. It will save my sanity, I'm sure of it. Two stories down I finished up this:

Mmm yummy green paint. I love it. I love it. And I love it some more. We're going to move the book case and things over tonight because they just have little touch up things to do. Oh and I have been knitting:

Little leggings! (Ravelry link). And yes, I am still pregnant.

And lest you think I'm nesting, I'm pretty much always this busy, and I've just been "chomping at the bit" to get the go ahead to get things organized, so I've had most of these projects ready to go for weeks. Hopefully I'll continue to update you, but who knows with all these trees, the power could go out at anytime. Oh and more pictures on my flickr.

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  1. Love the picture update! Everything looks perfect! Thanks for sharing, now that baby can come out and join the world!

  2. Love the paint!!! Everything looks amazing. Do all husbands seem to have clothes that they like to wear once and then throw on the floor until next usage? This is always a hot topic my friends and I discuss at our monthly scrapbooking get-together. I have added hooks also hoping for my dh to get the hint and baskets and anything else I could think of and nothing works!!!!!!!! I think its part of male dna. Cracks us up that all of our husbands do it. Stay warm.

  3. Again, the paint colors are incredible. I wish I had the talent to pick out such great colors. BTW where did you get the door knobs? My aunt has her original ones that I’ve always adored and would like to get for our house if I can convince my dh.

  4. The nursery looks great! And I’m very impressed with the swing cover 🙂 Everything has come together so nicely, I can’t wait to see it finished!
    I was starting to wonder if baby came early–so I’m glad you updated us 🙂 We have trees down in our yard, as do my parents. But I still managed to trek out to Silverton–I am so glad I’m working all night tonight, because I don’t think I could have made it home at 11p (my scheduled time off).

  5. I think the little plastic tabs tuck into the the plastic seat. Usually those are used to keep the cover in place so it doesn’t slide around on the plastic seatform. HTH!
    Everything looks lovely! So fresh and clean and new! Glad it’s coming together for you.
    Take Care,

  6. Everything looks sooo nice. I would LOVE to have all those drawers in our bathroom. How nice is it to go from a one bathroom house to 3!? I also have a problem with my clothes that are kind of in between the clean and dirty category. They get piled on a bench in our bedroom that we call Clothes Mountain. Sometimes it’s just a hill but usually a mountain. =) Have fun getting all settled in upstairs!

  7. Oh, brrr, we are right there with you in Wisconsin with like 13″ of snow falling between today and tomorrow and then, oh rain for the weekend?! ugh! What a great green! Everything is coming together so well. Your belly picture is lovely – what a sweet memory.

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