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Okay I don't really know what worked. It was probably a combination of things, but yesterday went well and last night was great. It's funny because I tell people she doesn't sleep, then have visitors and she sleeps! Yeah for visitors, keep them coming (if nothing else they can hold Tuesday so I can eat :). After our friend Beachwood went on a walk with us to lunch I fed Tuesday and then her, Bj and I took an hour and half long nap, it was glorious. I think this may have worked because I put her on her stomach (advice many of you gave). The little nut can already roll over (I freaking know!!! She started this trick at 13 days old) from front to back and has amazing head control so I think the odds of her suffocating this way are low.

After that nap we played and nursed and bounced (OMG she is so addicted to the bouncer. I kinda feel bad that she's in it so much but she loves it). At 11ish I put her down to sleep on her belly and she totally slept… for hours. I didn't wake her at one to nurse, I just couldn't bring myself to do it, in fact I let her dictate when she wanted to nurse last night and the sleeping periods were much longer. I think she's still gaining weight though… she out grew her first outfit! This cute little onsie Kay made her, I went to snap it and I couldn't. So I have to make sure and take more picture of her in all the cute outfits:

A onsie from Erin (see her cute hear onsies at her Etsy shop!)

I am learning so much with my little one. I've watched so many kids in my life, I lived for baby-sitting in high school (and after). I was constantly entertaining my little friends. I think one thing I'm realizing is that I can't feel terrible if I'm not dangling something in front of her every moment. It's okay to want her to sleep so I can blog and scrapbook and do a few things for myself. Of course she's the coolest little person so I want to be with her as much as possible. But hey I can always nurse and knit:

This mystery object is going to be awesome, just wait and see (ravelry link).

I am trusting my own instincts most of all, I think they are generally good ones. That's not to say I don't appreciate the advice, I just pick and choose what to take 🙂 Hopefully I won't look back in a few months and find these blog entries are all wonky because of my lack of sleep. I suppose they are different because of it, but that's okay. I know she can't sleep "through the night" anytime soon, and I don't want her to. I know she needs lots of milk to keep her getting big and strong, so that's what I'm going to keep giving her. There really is nothing like nursing my little baby in the middle of the night. Just me and her, I love it, sleeplessness and all!

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  1. I think you are doing great! I know if I do it again, I am droppin some cash on a super duper delux glider…I can’t tell you the number of times Olly and I both fell asleep during the overnight feedings. Hey, if that is what works then I want a comfy chair!

  2. … the nighttime nursing sessions …
    how amazing is it to be totally alone in a quiet world with a little one?
    i loved those times.
    i came to realize that … you have to jump in and out of the box when parenting. you have to try what’s been tried and what hasn’t! this is a new little individual … just because something worked for someone … doesn’t mean it will work for another. and as the parent … you are the best person to figure out what is right for your family.
    yay! to you for realizing it sooner than most of us do.

  3. i am glad you and tuesday are well and doing what works best for both of you! she looks so cute in the apple onesie! 🙂 i loved nursing and having those little eyes peek at you as if you are the best in the world, such a great feeling and the bonding time is perfect! 🙂

  4. Sweet 🙂 I remember one time it was 1 pm and I hadn’t yet had breakfast. I put baby down on the couch and went to make myself a sandwich. Baby screamed. The entire time. I came back, leaned over him and just cried. Man, I (we) learned so much with the first kiddo!

  5. Im with you the middle of the night feeds are the best…provided I score a little sleep inbetween. There is nothing better than those secret bonding moments when the rest of the house is still….especially when my other loves are sleeping beside us. I am really enjoying your tales of tuesday.

  6. yay!!!! I totally forgot about the tummy! g only slept on her tummy too (and she didn’t roll over until she was 6.5 months!). Man, seriously. the stuff you forget, and it wasn’t THAT long ago! So happy she’s sleeping and you are all happy! Keep following those instincts, and trust them. they’ll do you good!

  7. She is just so beautiful. I used to love the night feedings too – the quiet of the house and us. My dog and cat would casually heave themselves up from sleep and come in an lie by the rocking chair – it was a special time. (incidentally my pets do this wherever I go – they wander in quietly and are wherever I am…it’s kind of silly but I love them for it).

  8. Tuesday is so much like Clara it’s scary! She rolled over at 13 days, and was able to hold her head up from birth. So expect Tuesday to walk at 10 months, never sleep through the night, and be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! hehe
    I can’t wait to meet her, next week I actually have free time! yay!

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