Enya Rocks?

Let's not talk about how this picture was taken at 2:30 a.m.

We had a letter to drop off at the post office so we thought we do it in the middle of the night… oh and she would not stop crying! I'd like to say this worked, but as soon as we laid her down she started peeping again. Luckily she did sleep around three and then slept until after ten (minus feedings, which are getting quicker and easier. And she goes down right after them no problem). So I think her days and nights are just messed up. I don't think it's anything else. I'm trying something new today. I downloaded this app. called Baby Tracker: Nursing and so far I love it. I'm nursing her every two hours no matter what (you're sleeping? WAKE UP!). So we'll see how that goes (note: I am not giving the Princess Sparkly Pants formula or pumping, we've decided we like nursing :). Oh that's right she's taking little naps today:

We realized in the car last night this morning that Tuesday majorly hearts Enya. I just happen to have a gigantic Enya playlist (major phase of my college life). So we're getting little naps here and there. Also daily walks have been re-instated… no matter how cold! Luckily she owns lots of knitware… I'm doing a layout about that right now:

That's right I've been scrapbooking! I have my cute little muse and the wonderful super power many women posses called MULTITASKING, can you dig it? Here are two from last weekend when Papa was watching her:

I'm loving this mustard colored paper… maybe because it's the first I can see on the little pull out Bj made me:

I'm going to put up more pictures of the craft den on my flickr page, with notes, so check it out later today. Here's another shot for now, Bj just moved over a few more things for me last night (the stamp shelf and hooks):
I'm actually really loving the space. It's nice to have my work space completely separate from my computer desk. The view kinda sucks, grr… I like nursing here, and there is enough floor space to play with the little lady. My favorite Tuesday layout so far:

It goes without saying these are straight in real life right? Sciarrino do you recognize the stickers? She stamped them all the day of our wedding to make closures for our candy bar bags. I've found a bunch of random things like that going through all my stuff and moving it over. I'm also going through things I don't think I need any more, as soon as I get that together I'm going to do a giveaway Paula style.

Things I can't give away because I want to roll around in their soft goodness:

Sundara yarn… enough for a sweater (for me!). I am so tempted to get more of this silky goodness. OMG it is so soft! And my Hello Yarn club fiber came:

When am I going to spin again? I don't know but I'm pretty sure this is close enough to art to collect.

Tomorrow we're going to grandma and grandpa's for the superbowl. Word on the street is there is a vintage European pram for us to check out. Do I sense a photo op? Me thinks so! Hmm… what to dress her in, I might have to bring a couple options.

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  1. I am a Neonatal Intensive Care RN and might I suggest along with Enya, Nora Jones, the Come Away With Me album…Norah is like the baby whisperer!
    Fabulous swaddling, by the way! Tuesday is gorgeous! Congrats to you!

  2. I do not know you but I must tell you how proud I am of you. You seem to be so patient and not losing your mind due to lack of sleep. Believe me, I have been there three times. When my daughter was itty bitty like Tuesday she refused to sleep. Nothing worked until we put her on her tummy. Then she was able to suck her thumb. Actually all three of mine slept better on their tummies. I refused to do the binky.
    Anyway, when Vinny (my daughter) about 3 weeks old I was walking with her trying to get her to sleep. My husband decided to do a little vacuuming at 3:00am. Suddenly, Vinny stopped crying and fell asleep. We put the vacuum in her room on a board and she slept with that vacuum for about 1 month. Finally we felt she was old enough to cry herself to sleep. She is my best sleeper now (10 years old).
    You are doing amazing and she is such a cute little morsel. I love the layouts, especially the second one. Okay, it is 3:00am her in SC so I had better get some sleep.
    Love and God bless,

  3. What gorgeous pictures – the colors! I am trying so hard to do a little scrapbooking – setting meager goals. My 8 years old has book full of tedious pages, my 3 year old – mostly none:( MY plan is to do once a month with a calendar – I used to do that and got away from it – so here’s to a another resolution. Thanks for being inspiring for me.
    And that Hello Yarn – gorgeous! I got in to the club this next round – I am sooo excited! Take care!

  4. you’re such a good mama, Amber!
    Ms Tuesday is delightfully normal (but above average in cuteness and intelligence)! Those early days are hard, but you’ll look back and laugh.
    Really. 🙂
    She’s growing so beautifully. Let me know if you need someone to hold her during the day while you shower. Or nap. Or craft.

  5. nice! you’re scrapping again! YAY!
    lovely pages…and super cute pictures of miss tuesday.
    what are your thoughts on a visit on saturday or sunday?
    day preference? time preference?
    i need to hold that baby 🙂

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