But you’re a newborn!

Apparently no one told Tuesday that newborns are supposed to get lots of sleep, I think my daughter actually might be allergic to it. No, no, this isn't a case of doesn't-want-to-sleep-at-night-its, this is a case of went from 7:15am – 6:45pm WITH OUT A NAP. Is that crazyville or what? She filled her time by nursing and being extremely cute.

And staying awake through walks and everything, just looking around.

She did have a couple micro naps (30 minutes and less):

(napping after I showered, she's fine in here while I shower if I talk to her the whole time). I figured this out on accident and have never loved my hairdryer so much.

There is one problem, you know that whole nap when they nap thing? I'd like that nap to be a little earlier than 6:45, but I did take it when it came (and slept until nine, this brings my daily total to almost eight hours!).

Bj just went to the library. Now to watch this, or this? Hmm….

Oh and the cottage just keeps moving along:

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  1. Oh boy can I relate. I certainly had one of those little babies that did the power 20 minute naps then just wanted to hang out. I like to think it’s just because our little ones are just so smart they don’t have time to sleep – that’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it!!
    She’s awfully cute – nice work!

  2. Could she be any cuter??? Even not napping is pretty cute. Well at least it is when you are reading about it and not living it 🙂

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous! I had one of those allergic to sleep babies :). My dd wouldn’t nap unless she was on me or in a sling until she was 6 months old.

  4. Ah Clara was a cat napper too. She’d rarely nap more than an hour at a time, and woke up atleast 3 times a night for ever. Heck when I weaned her at 21 months it was ONLY because she was waking up 5-6 times a night, and I couldn’t handle it anymore 😉
    I love that first picture! So sweet!

  5. oh my … that is the most cutest smiling face ever on a newborn (shh…don’t tell my children.)
    and yes … i too joined the ranks of a catnapping … little sleeping child. like another commenter … my theory was (and continues to be) … she is my thinker. her brain is always on and working. she (mostly) sleeps through the night now. looking back, though … i wouldn’t change a thing.

  6. Could this be your child? Not sleeping? But she is oh so cute! I love that picture of her smiling!! What a happy baby!

  7. well, apparently she’s got lots too do…
    and no time for things like silly naps! 😉
    love that smile!
    and wow! look at the front of your house!

  8. that does not look like a grandma! look like you are all living on a high. with Tuesday and President Obama this will be a very happy year.

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