The first week

Wow, thanks for the wonderful response, I didn't really know what to expect. And to backtrack some thanks, I loved all the comments from when we first posted her picture and stats. I read them all night long on my iPhone while figuring out the breast feeding thing. Oh and thanks for the name love, I wish I could take credit, but Bj came up with it (kind of on accident). Until we had the name we were calling her everything from Princess to Cliff! But it only took four days which I think is pretty good considering the lifelong commitment! The middle name is mine, and my father's, so I thought I'd carry on that tradition.

Last week went so quickly. Tuesday had all her grandparents visit, which was exciting, and our bestest friend from Vermont, Ceara. As well as another high school friend of mine, Erin. We still have the construction crew around too, but outside:

Just waiting for the inspector to show up so we can finish it. The house will look hodge podge for a while until the spring when we can side the whole house and put in the new windows downstairs.

We've taken lots of naps:
Big bed-1

my little sweet:
Big bed-2

and worn lots of hand knits, obviously.

We've gone on walks:

our first one

with V:
V's walk-1

(yes in Portland, we're so adventurous!)

Dressed as a bear. Oh how we love this hoodie.

And this bouncer. Yeah to my husband for picking it up.
We had our one week check up. Little sissy is back up to seven pounds!

Today we have a busy schedule of wearing even more hand knits (and maybe starting another tri-peak hat as papa wants to put little else on her sweet head).

Then it's a walk with our neighbor and her three week old. Then grandma is coming to visit and help with Ribbon Jar (mom I can not thank you enough for this!). I still have so many things to blog about. I have thank yous to write (Stacey those booties are so cute!) I would also like to figure out how to explain to Tuesday that 1am is NOT daytime. 🙂

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  1. What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing such an intimate and special time here. I had my first child naturally out of hospital, my second was a c section. It’s amazing how different the two experiences were.
    I love your big smile and Tuesday’s deep, calm eyes. Continue to take care of yourself.

  2. good luck with the BF. I never quite got the hang of it and ended up pumping for 5 months…also had to supplement with formula. I am sure you will do fine! I loved all the knitting you posted before Tuesday’s arrival, but if it is possible it looks so much cuter when she is wearing it!

  3. love that picture of her on the bed…
    it shows just how little she is!
    and this may sound silly but motherhood totally suits you…you are absolutely glowing with pride in that pic of her in the bear hoodie.

  4. Don’t you just love the 1:00 am alertness. Babies are so cute when they are bundled up in their little blankets. Thank you for sharing all the goodness.

  5. I’ll say it again, she is adorable! I cannot wait to meet her. If you are up for a morning visit, I could invite myself over ;-). Keep posting those pictures!!

  6. You look to be having so much fun – I’m envious – this time is so wonderful! My littlest one was collicky and I spent som much time holding her close – convinved that I would make her like me!:) I wore her in a bjorn 24-7 – she was my lesson in patience. I just love the heck out of her. Thanks for conjuring my own memories. Take care!

  7. what? you were in portland and you didn’t even tell me?! I’m around like ALL the time. boooooooooohhhhoooooooooooo

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