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Last night when Sciarrino and I were running errands I found some of the same very soft fabric that Bj had put in the inside of his Baby Hawk baby carrier. He loves this stuff called minkee, it's very soft and, I found out, super expensive. I've seen off brand stuff but Bj had this same chocolate color put on the inside of the baby carrier, so I really wanted to use it for something for him. Well I had a 40% off coupon at Craft Warehouse and so I was able to get a bit of it, along with some cute flannel to make up this little blanket:

Hard to photograph, but it's a ribbon tab blanket (how to on Ribbon Jar right here).

Such a quick and easy project. I made one for Tracy's baby and ever since Bj has been wondering why I don't make one for our baby, so I did. And I did this in maybe an hour tonight. I gave it to Bj as a "baby and papa play blanket" for him to have in his new fun area downstairs (video game/guitar center in part of the basement lower level).

Bj meanwhile has immersed himself in a new book The Essential Kitchen: Sushi. Bj's parents know that we've been spending all our money on the baby and remodel so they sweetly gave us some cold hard cash for Christmas to spend on ourselves (I have yet to decide what I'm going to get). Bj got this cookbook, and new sushi knife that he is happy to show anyone who comes over.

After reading up yesterday he spent this afternoon running around finding specialty ingredients to make a Japanese dinner (Taro aren't you proud?). Mmm we like.

Sciarrino's favorite was an avocado roll with miso paste:

I liked the plain cucumber and the asparagus and cream cheese. Bj was quite proud of his first attempts:

And so was I. Now if only we had some mochi balls…

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  1. I love taggie blankets! And that minky stuff IS super soft–I’m sure BJ really loves it 🙂
    Those sushi rolls looks like they turned out really well–nice job BJ!!

  2. Very Cute Blanket… Sushi rolls look wonderful, but you forgot to invite us for dinner;)!

  3. I love making those ribbon blankets. It’s become the essential gift to make for friends who are having babies. I like to also give a package of those plastic links to go with it so that when the baby is bigger you can link a few to some of the tags, attach toys and put it on their lap in the car. That way the toys can’t be dropped on the floor and out of baby’s reach!

  4. That blanket is lovely – so clever and your fabulous ribbons too! And that sushi – I don’t know if I like it or not but wow, Bj’s first attempts were pretty for sure!!

  5. Aaron – no it isn’t a Shun unfortunately. It is a Wasabi by Kershaw 9.5-Inch Yanagiba. It had pretty good reviews, especially since I will only use for filleting…won’t replace the Wusthofs any time soon.

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