Even more knitting madness

So today I had over a group of my mom's friends that we've known for a long time. Of course I wanted Tuesday to look her best so I asked Bj what she should wear. Her little dress, he said. But as I mentioned on the last post finding cool little tights hasn't been easy. So I decided to whip up some little leg warmers. I sewed in the ends right as the first guest was coming to the door.

I'm guessing they'll fit for about a week. BUT WHO CARES?!?! Is this not the cutest thing?

They are 5.5 inches around at the top, and 4 around at the bottom, 5.5 inches long (rav link). And um, HOT PINK. Because cool girls wear hot pink. Bj picked out this dress at the Old Navy clearance sale. Speaking of clothes; I pretty much never need to buy her any (at least for a while). Michele has given me so much fabulous stuff from V, ohhh it was so much fun to sort through and organize by size. Tuesday is 4 weeks old tomorrow and I've already started a "I can't believe she grew out of this" bin. Now all that said, I probably will buy her things, or at least do some more knitting, like this:

Also sock yarn (Ravelry link). Tuesday and I went on our first solo adventure (by car – we're walking pros). And I found a little rose button that works perfect at Jo-Ann's:

I had a hat cast on, but ripped it out. I thought it was going to be a little stiff – I didn't want to dig up bigger needles – but it wasn't until  my mom said that it had no give that I really realized that it wasn't going to work. I'll give it another go tonight. I'm still trying to figure out how to get some spinning time in…

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  1. I forgot to comment the other day about tights. The only place I found them small enough for my daughter (she was 5lbs 14oz after she lost some of her original birth weight, so SMALL!) was JCPenney. They are not the thick kind, but cute baby tights nonetheless.

  2. You’ve got the cutest dressed kid!! LOVE the little leg warmers!! She’s a maniac, maaaniac on the floor..(soon) she’ll be dancing like she’s never danced befooore!!

  3. CUTE!! Hot pink rocks…. as do those cute little socks….
    We are blessed with heaps of hand-me-downs thanx heaps of nephews but I still can’t resist new cuteness especially at clearance prices….. at this rate I am sure I will be passing brand new clothes onto my grandkids….lol.
    Thought you might like these links for leg/arm warmers….. Tuesday might be a little small yet (my little one started wearing them at about 7 months) they are sooo cute and we love them so much.

  4. awww, adorable leg warmers, I love!!
    I think I may have to boycott your blog soon though Amber, as you do make me feel positively lazy.
    Please share the secret to your incredible organisational and time management skills!!!!!!

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