The days go by much quicker now.

I can't believe two years ago I was turning from a Miss to a Mrs. It really is crazy how time flies, huh?

Tuesday, Bj and I headed to Portland this weekend for a shower and a wedding. A baby shower for my friend who is having twin girls in a month or so. I was just stopping by with 2 before the wedding. I had to get her all dolled up of course.

I'm not a huge fan of that really soft pink, but the more hot pink I think looks pretty cute. I had her in a different outfit for the wedding, but this is the best picture I got of it:

Don't worry I'll definitely be putting her in this get up again. Bj picked out that zebra print jumper.
Tuesday did so great the whole day, and the next day. But the first night away, in the hotel, not so great. I learned a few key things, number one: bring our fan! The room was so quiet, I'm sure that's part of what kept her up until one. Little crazy bean:

Since then I've been trying to catch up. On sleep, on work, on crafting. And just being with the family. These past two years have been amazing. Difficult at times, but mostly fantastic. And now with our little daughter we couldn't think of anything better than chilling tonight having dinner with her in the bouncer near us, babbling away and tossing us those beautiful smiles. Or her new favorite look…

the "what are you doing mama?"

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  1. Ok, the zebra jumper?! LOL LOL!!! Every girl needs to make a fashion statement! You are a beautiful woman, Amber, inside and out, with a beautiful family. Congrats on your 2 years!!

  2. happy anniversary! 🙂
    and i agree with your mama…that photo of you and tuesday is beautiful! (love her in that green stripy outfit too!).

  3. Happy Anniversary…it’s crazy how time flies! We will celebrate our 5 year this summer…feels like just yesterday we got married! I’m sure it will be the same with the babies. Tuesday is such an adorable little thing. Now that I have Mirielle, however…I must say Tuesday is the SECOND cutest baby girl ever! 😉

  4. I ONLY see BJ in the top photo! Unrelated: When is the ear piercing appointment?

  5. I agree, the in the top photo she looks just like BJ! (only as an adorable baby girl) By the way you look great in the b&w photo! Wow!

  6. This is the most Beautiful Baby … I just love to look at her … grandma Julie I’m so jealous …
    p.s. your not really going to pierce this sweet tiny enchanting baby’s delicate ear … I know I should mine my own business …

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