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I have decided that lack of sleep has put a little bit of a shadow over things. I want to embrace all the tiny wonderful things that Tuesday is doing and keep track of what I am up to as well. They may not be the most exciting posts but I am going to try and do one a day for the next month. I really miss blogging and I think it helps me focus on the beautiful things in life. So here we go. Tutu has decided to embrace the binky. After trying to get her to take it for months yesterday she decided she liked it. I want to give it to her sparingly, and not at night, but it is amazing how it can calm her. Tomorrow we have a bit of an adventure to go on and I’m interested to see if she takes it in the car. That would be awesome. Daily Posts

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  1. We all enjoy a daily does of Tuesday… We’ll look forward to the posts, also it may not be the Binky that calms her but all that Green!… It’s definitely her color!

  2. Mirielle will not take a pacifier either. Ever. Sometimes I just really wish she would!!! I suppose it will save me the hassle of trying to wean it from her, but goodness…when she really needs to calm down it would be a great helper!!

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