Sleeping – and not sleeping

The main reason for not blogging has been the whole having a baby and not getting much free time really. Nothing more exciting than that. Tuesday and I have been trying to figure out when and how she sleeps best and the results are still up in the air, which means neither one of us is getting as much as we should. I'm wearing her right now during what should be her morning nap, but she's currently craning her neck around to see what I'm up to. She nurses and is so so sleepy after so I lay her down, but she protests, and loudly and will not go back to sleep. In the afternoon it's much the same, except sometimes she just ups and takes a nap:
And looks so cute out here next to my mom's pool napping in the breeze for TWO hours that I could just die. And I think, what was I talking about? But the next day it's the same. And if she was happy go lucky all day and didn't need any sleep that would be fine, but more often than not I've got a cranky pants on my hands and we don't get a lot done. Speaking of my sparkly girl, she requests I not sit still any longer! Move, mama, move!

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  1. Sorry your little angel doesn’t sleep… she looks pretty darn cute sleeping at Grandma’s!

  2. Oh my gosh! That is one of the best pictures of little Tuesday! She looks so peaceful, and super girly! I know what you mean about not getting much done, even though looking back on the day I dont know where the time went! It is crazy how time flies with a baby! Still so excited to see you guys!

  3. Ahhhhh…..a motion baby. I have one of those. They dont change as they get older. sweetness enjoy all of it.

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