Humble thanks

Wow, thank you all so much for the kind words on the bumper. I am going to try some of the suggestions, and see if I can't get it straightened out at least a little. It's nice to hear that even store bought ones have issues. Bj just told me that Tuesday wants to get me a sewing machine as an early birthday present. Don't I just have the sweetest smartest daughter ever? And don't worry she can flip flop back to front all day long… with out her diaper. I guess cloth diaper babies can be a month or so behind on the rolling/sitting/crawling/walking thing because of their wide loads 🙂 Speaking of cloth diapers I got this stuff to try to give my machine a clean, since I guess soap build up can make diapers rougher. Has anyone tried this affresh stuff? We don't have odor, but man did I stick some stinky diapers in there today! 

Bj went to Ikea earlier and got some more things for Tuesday's nursery, so hopefully we can do a tour of it soon because it will be done done done. I want to make a bunch of these fabric boxes for the new shelves we got. And I have a few other projects that need to get finished, like the mobile and some misc. sewing things. Projects, projects, projects, I just can't help myself, I love me some projects. 

Boo, no picture today (Tuesday and I laid low while some finish construction stuff was going on), so I'll leave you with a great, short podcast about why you shouldn't use antibacterial soap. Only you can stop the spread of resistant bacteria :) 

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  1. Way to spread the word on antibacterial soap (and hand sanitizer)! I HATE that stuff and wish people would realize it’s not necessary and it’s actually harmful. P.S. I thought the bumper looked pretty good too.

  2. Bill Maher said, “The problem isn’t germs. Germs are everywhere. If you as a person are healthy the germs can’t hurt you. It’s like the mosquitos in the swamp. The mosquitos can’t breed unless there is a swamp. If you’re not a swamp….”

  3. Yikes…have to respectfully disagree on the anti bacterial soap thing….working in hospitals makes me super concious about communicable diseases. There must be a link to the stats of how many people dont wash their hands after going to the bathroom, or pick their noses, or scratch their…. I don’t think you need it for cleaning everything, just sometimes (or some people).
    Anyways, gotta love IKEA!

  4. Oh I agree, it is definitely useful, and so important in hospitals (as I saw with grandpa), but it’s the everyday use that bugs me. I think when you’re at home washing for 20 seconds with hot water and a good lather does the trick well enough, and not enough people take the time to do that, just thinking that the antibacterial with take care of it.

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